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回想韓國古裝劇《大長今》中的人物(Recalling the characters in the Korean costume drama "Dae Jang Geum")
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Korean costume drama "Dae Jang Geum" is  my favorite dramas in college.


Jang Geum’s mother, Park Myung-i(朴明伊), met and fell in love with the officer Xu Tian-shou(徐天壽), and gave birth to Xu Chang-jin(徐長今), who is wise and kind.


Chang-Jin unfortunately lost her parents at a young age. Fortunately, she met Jiang De-jiu(姜德久)who served in the court kitchen and his wife to take care of them. After a series of fate arrangements, she became the imperial palace maid.


The strict, loving, and upright Shanggong Han Ai-zhong(韓愛鐘)has become Xu Chang-jin’s important teacher in her cooking skills and personality development.


However, even the clever, serious, upright and good-natured Han Ai-zhong(韓愛鐘)failed to escape the internal struggle in the imperial kitchen and unfortunately lost her life in exile.


But life depends on misfortune and good fortune. Xu Chang-jin met Chang-De, a medical women in exile, and started the path of studying medicine. After returning to the palace, she became a medical women. Under the guidance of the master book Shen Yi-bi(申益必), Zheng Yunbai(鄭雲白)and others, she refined her medical skills, eventually become a trusted medical officer.


On the webpage of "Wikipedia", a brief introduction to this costume drama, which was first aired by MBC in South Korea in 2003, has caused a boom in Korean dramas across Asia has also been compiled.


I suddenly remembered today that an important but not the main character in the play──Min Mi-qin Shanggong.


Min Shang-gong is a predecessor with a low-key personality but an honest heart. She has good personal relationships with Xu Chang-jin and Lian-sheng(連生).I thought of a line which she said, to the effect that, she doesnt deliberately pursue dazzling performance in the workplace,and just hopes to have a long and safe journey,then is enough.


Perhaps it is this low-key, gentle, simple, and straightforward that Min Shanggong has not been affected too much in political disputes, but the road to promotion seems slower in comparison.


But the life situation was unpredictable. As Lian-sheng(連生) suddenly became Shu-yuan(淑媛), Min Shanggong was also transferred to Most secret shanggong(至密尚宮?).Min shanggong is actually a very intelligent and blessed figure.


Another non-protagonist and very important role is the medical girl Chang-De. Chang-De is a noble man(貴人)who met when Chang-jin was exiled to Jeju Island(濟州島)due to a case, and taught Chang-jin the basic medical skills there.


Perhaps because of a bleak life experience and a misconduct, the medical girl Chang-De initially gave the impression that she was a bit fierce, a little difficult to get along with, and had a cool face, similar to Shen Yi-bi(申益必)s first appearance.


However, she is kind-hearted, upright, exquisite in medical skills, and has high standards of self-requirements, which helped Chang Geum not only once. Chang-de is definitely Chang-jin’s noble person. Perhaps it is precisely because our Chang-jin are familiar with and knowing all people in open and unpredictable heart, so that medical woman Chang-de can open up with her and become friends.


Knowing Chang-jin, isn’t it a great joy in life for the medical girl Chang-de? From this perspective, Chang-jin is a student of Chang-des medical skills, but she also be a noble person in Chang-des life.


In Chang-jin’s Korean costume drama, there are too many things to learn from, like this "important" but may not be the "protagonist." When I was in college, when I watched the drama "Dae Jang Geum", I could only see the love story between Chang-jin and Min Jung-Ho(閔政浩). The song "He Mang Ran"(何茫然) once made me bewildered. I think that"why ancient Korean love is so romantic?"


The king of Zhong-zong(中宗) obviously loved Chang-jin by mistake, but he also showed the kings gentleman style, perfecting her and Min Zhen-ghao(閔政浩).


Although the king once gave Chang-jins career development and assistance on the emotional road; Chang-jin also gave the king health care, concepts, and Unintentionally, let the king understand a truth, that is: true care does not have to have, then the king and Chang-jin, arent they actually being each others precious people?


However, at that time, apart from emotional stories, all other important points have been seen broadly. It seems that the young girl lacks the wisdom of life when she is in fashion, but she should not be too self-blame.


Personally, I think that Korean drama Dae Jang Geum is a masterpiece worth watching. "Wikipedia" and other Internet materials have detailed discussions. If you are interested, please use Google to search for "Dae Jang Jin" to view relevant information.




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