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向榮民致敬及回顧求學時的往事(Pay tribute to the veterans and look back on past when I was studying)
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Pay tribute to the veterans and look back on past when I was studying


In the past 1 year and 9 months, I have known many respectable veterans, also known as "honorable citizens."


Although I am not a soldier, and no relatives in my family are professional soldiers, I have always admired soldiers and police since I was a child. When I see them, I always feel very relieved. I believe many people have the same feelings.


In the third year of junior high school, the principal of Chung-Cheng armed forces preparatory school came to our school to recruit students. I remember that at the meeting, I didn’t take the initiative to ask questions in class. I don’t know where I was courageous, so I took the initiative to ask questions:


"Mr. Principal, you mentioned just now that there are many outstanding female soldiers in the army. In this case, it should be very important to train outstanding female students to join the army as early as possible. Then, why doesnt your school accept girls?"


The principal of the preparatory school at that time heard my question, showed a kind smile and told us that the preparatory school’s enrollment policy has been set long ago, but if girls want to join the military, there are many admission channels, such as the National Defense University and the Political War School.


Even so, this question made me realize that my worship of soldiers is not just worship, but I also want to imitate them and become one of them. I don’t know if it has something to do with reading "Mulan Poetry" in Chinese class in junior high school?


It was not Mulan’s original intention to join the army. She was filial to her father’s heart, it was the real reason for her to join the army. She was farther and farther away from home and put all the women’s tenderness aside. Through the battlefield of life or death, Mulan was lucky to come back alive.


She doesnt look at the glory and wealth, and the heart of going home is like an arrow. After returning home, she combs the sideburns by the window, and decorates herself with cosmetic when facing the mirror ("當窗理雲鬢,對鏡貼花黃。") Be her true self.


Regardless of talent or state of mind, Mulan is really a hero among women(女中豪傑).No, it should be said that, the HEROes is no distinction between men and women.


Although the preparatory school determined that girls are not currently admitted, the surging in my heart has not stopped after that. On "Qingwei Garden-Malu Ke"(清蔚園-馬路客), which I often contribute, I wrote an article about my respect for the "military, police, medicine, and education", and I believe that "military, police, medicine, and education" are the most respectable four occupations.


Life is very special and ingenious. Many years later, I continue to receive the care and guidance of the school teacher, and I have also entered the education industry and worked as a substitute teacher for a while.


When I graduated from high school, under the guidance of the school instructor, I voluntarily applied for the police college, but I failed.


At present, because of work, I can often learn from retired soldiers and admire their rich experience;


Although I am healthy most of the time, doctors and nurses have always been my nobles. One boss who gave me a tutor opportunities was a dentist, and a parent of another tutor is a nurse.


So, although I dont have much experience, I still know some things. A persons mind is pure and bright, and it is probably easier to have a better situation.


When I was so young (junior high school grade three), I had a heartfelt respect for the four professions of "military, police, medicine, and education", and even wrote a composition to describe and express this respect; many years later, these four professions have my noble people who have given me guidance or assistance.


I am a woman with no military background.

Today I come to an environment where most of my colleagues and business targets are retired soldiers (men).

Of course, it takes some time to adapt in the initial stage; but I always respect the military elders, and also find some related readings, try to understand and get close to them.

Although it is not perfect, it should be said to be sincere!


Some of the books that have been read are listed as follows:


1. It’s nice to have you in Taiwan: the unselfish love of the 28 veterans


2. Talented and arrogant and kind (written by Mr. Tan Qilong)


3. Build a home from scratch


Be even stronger in times of hardship; continue the past and open up the future:Veterans engineering career for thirty years.


5. Glory to the Veterans:

Special Issue on the 55th Anniversary of the Retirement Association


6. Willing to share generously without selfishness: the story of the veterans


7. Witness to History: The Story of the Veterans


8. Veterans counseling for 30 years


9. Back to glory: 20 veterans’ entrepreneurial stories


10.The joy of military service


11. General Zhang Boying (Simplified)


12. National Defense Education Textbooks/General Studies/Supplementary Textbooks(High School, University Version)


13. Wulin veteran (Forest Protection Office)

十四、眷村歲月 在這裡停格

14. The years of military villages stop here

十五、戀戀眷村 深深情義

15. Love and affectionate villages


16. Both Civil and Military-Records of Veterans Scholars.

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