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傀儡馬、台奸症、詐騙黨,吃國產,顛倒天地陰陽是非。 女總統,台灣心,台灣情,寶島山川是母親。台灣早日加入聯合國 Taiwan is a country!
Knowledge passing down from ancestors: meridian acupuncture and pressure points, spinal nerves that I share with you publicly, for public reference and research.祖傳經絡,穴道,脊骨神經醫學,拔火罐,藥灸療法,公諸於世
No medicine.No shots.No surgical operation. 不急不刀,不需不藥。生病不一定要吃藥,確定病源用適當方法治療。
Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meats, eat a little bit of ginger. exercise on a regular basis. Search the following for health information. 經絡暢通百病無,脊椎骨正健康身。少許生薑片及蒜頭有益健康,非急不打針,大家平安
I will share my lifelong learning, acupuncture and Chinese medicine enlightenment with everybody.傾囊相授。
I am going to translate this blog to English, but my English isn't very well. Could you help me finish my wish?

1、請 pika2 【按】下圖詳細說明正經十二經脈及奇經八脈, The 12 Regular Meridians & The 8 Extra vessels on the fugure, the name of the Meridian are listed, It should make the cycle once a day (24-hour) .深悟臟腑陰陽、互為表裏、開竅五官。

Touch the following english words of right & explain Meridians.按右下列英文字幕, 詳細說明經絡,穴道20條經脈

touch The figure shows 12 meridians cycle-上圖說明何謂經絡? 12 meridians
0/1.Meridian YIN & YANG ? -手足經脈 & 陽.a
0/0.What is the Meridian system? - 何謂 經絡?

01.(LU) Lung Meridian - 肺經脈

02.(LI) Large Intestine Meridian - 大腸經

03.(ST) stomack Meridian - 胃經脈

04.(SP) Spleen Pancres Meridian - 脾經脈

05.(HT) Heart Meridian - 心經脈

06.(SI) Small Intestine Meridian - 小腸脈

07.(BL) Bladder Meridian - 膀胱脈

08.(KI)Kindey Meridian - 腎經脈

09.(HC) Heart Contrictor Meridian - 心包經

10.(TH)Triple Heart Meridian - 三焦經

11.(GB) Gall Bladder Meridian - 膽經脈

12.(LV) Liver Meridian - 肝經脈

13.(01)(CV) Conception Vessel - 任脈Extra脈

14.(02)(GV) Governor Vessel - 督脈Extra脈

15.(03),(04),(05),(06),(07),(08),The 8 Extra

16.(19)Learning Web教學節目(20)Vegetarian素食

17.(23)Chinese medicine 中藥研究

18.(24)overall treatment 整體治療


Showing my patent certificate 商標註冊號數第01290857號:商標證書-SONG-陳三五娘-Taiwanese Opera--母親的名叫台灣--江蕙與多明哥-雨夜花

Touch the following english words of the right & explain Chiropractic.按右下列英文字幕, 說明脊椎骨33塊, 疾病反射區

2、This is a 12-Meridian time cycle clock.十二條經絡循環



00. Words of wisdom: 生涯規劃
1. encephalic, h1:頭顱骨10塊骨
2.encephalic, h2:頭骨inhhale,exhhale

3.cervical, c1 :頸椎第一節反射區

4.cervical, c2 :頸椎第二節反射區

5. cervical, c3 :頸椎第三節反射區

6. cervical, c4 :頸椎第四節反射區

7. cervical, c5,c6:頸椎第 5.6節.反射

8. cervical, c7,c8:頸椎第 7.8節.反射

9. thoracic,T123 : 胸椎第123,節反射區

10. thoracic,T456: 胸椎第4,5,6節,反射區

11. thoracic,T789: 胸椎第7,8,9節,反射區

12. thoracic,10 11 12: 胸椎第10,11,12

13. lumbar, L-1: 腰椎第一節反射區

14. lumbar, L-2: 腰椎第二節反射區

15. lumbar, L-3 :腰椎三節反射區

16. lumbar, L-4: 腰椎四節反射區

17. lumbar, L-5: 腰椎第五節反射區

18. Sacrum, S-1 :薦椎第1節反射區

19. Sacrum ,S-2: 薦椎第2節反射區

20. Sacrum,S3,4,5: 薦椎第3,4,5節反射區

21. Coccyx :尾椎骨第四塊反射區

22. All Spinal,:全部脊骨反射區
3、pika2(11)→ (10)說明人體正經十二經脈,The 12 Regular Meridians of the bady,時辰循環 time cycle once a day。了解臟腑、氣血多寡、臟腑開竅、經脈始終,(說明 & Explain The relationship of Meridians and Time, points.)
4、The cycle of 12 Meridians moves from begin to end are listed in the following。(→ from last night → today → next morning→ )
The relationship of  Meridians and Groups (inner and outer ). (YIN-陰,INNER-裏) (YANG-陽,OUTER-表)每組(陰,陽). 經絡互為(表,裏)之關係.中文版
5、There are 12 Meridians in the central picture,the name of the vessel are listed in the following.
It should make the cycle once a day (24-hour) .

Touch following english words of right,understand the diseases.按右下列英文字幕, 詳細說明各種疾病

1.You will be a Doctor,simple,easy16/26,簡易穴道處方
2.17/a,first aid, myocardial infarction17/a, 心肌梗塞,受傷

3.17/b,headache sick., 17/b,頭部疼痛,神經官能症,癲癇

4.17/c,ear,eye,nose sick.,17/c,耳,眼,鼻疾病,耳鳴

5.17/d,special Sick,17/d,特殊病症,低血壓,糖尿,痛風,減肥


7.17/f,Asthma, cough,dizzy17/f,氣喘,咳嗽,胸麻,昏迷

8.17/g,ulcer of the stomach,17/g,胃腸,酒醉,盲腸炎

9.17/h, Excretory system,17h/腹瀉,大小便痔,脫肛,

10.17i,Gynecology 婦科17i/婦科,赤白帶,不育,子宮出血

11.17j,Pediatrics 小兒科17j,肺炎.失傳的育嬰方法.鬥雞眼

12.17k,Night sweat. itch.anemia,17k.熱汗癢疹.貧血.骨熱如燒








(11)足少陽【膽經脈】 Gall Bladder(GB)。子時:下午 P.M. :11時~ next day 次日上午 A.M. :01時。氣血注此,多氣少血。(YANG-)(12)歸於 足厥陰【肝經脈】 Liver(LV):入期門穴。丑時:上午 A.M. :01時~上午 A.M. :03時。氣血注此,多血少氣。()人之氣血→周行無止無間→ (1)起於→ 手太陰【肺經脈】Lung (LU)。中府穴;始於肺經脈出雲門穴。寅時:上午 A.M. :03時~上午 A.M.:05時。氣血注此,多氣少血。(2) 手陽明【大腸經】Large Intestine 卯時:上午 A.M.:05時~上午 A.M. :07時。氣血注此,氣血俱多。。(3)足陽明【胃經脈】 Stomach (ST)。辰時:上午 A.M.:07時~上午 A.M.:09時。 氣血注此,氣血俱多。。(4) 足太陰【脾經脈】 Spleen Pancres (SP)。 巳時:上午 A.M.:09時~上午 A.M.:11時。氣血注此,多氣少血。(5) 手少陰【心經脈】 Heart (HT)。 午時:上午 A.M.:11時~下午 P.M. :01時。氣血注此,多氣少血。 。(6) 手太陽【小腸經】 Small Intestine (SI)。未時:下午 P.M. :01時~下午 P.M. :03時。氣血注此,多血少氣。(7)足太陽【膀胱經】 Bladder (BL)。申時:下午 P.M. :03時~下午 P.M. :05時。氣血注此,多血少氣。 (8) 足少陰【腎經脈】 Kindey (KI)。 酉時:下午 P.M. :05時~下午 P.M. :07時。 氣血注此,多氣少血。(9) 手厥陰【心包經】 Heart Contrictor (HC):戌時:07:00P.M.~09:00P.M.多血少氣,
(10)手少陽【三焦經】 Triple Heart (TH)。亥時:下午 P.M. :09時~下午 P.M. :11時。氣血注此,多氣少血。
We should not betray our conscience, and the natural principles. Nor shoud we go against the universal laws when we go through our daily dealings with ourselves or others. Or, we would aim towards destruction eventually.
任何人?狗?共? 台? 奸? 做任何事情用智慧,不能違背天理、良心、及宇宙間自然法則,否則將之滅亡
發生意外受傷 an accident. 其瞬間,呼吸及能量會昏迷。用經絡及穴道的方法以及耳邊細語的方法來急救!奇蹟甦醒
本網頁僅供參考與研究。meridian acupuncture and pressure points, spinal nerves 經絡,穴道,脊骨

a6/53: My relative
知識學習隨堂筆記 2015/06/23 05:51:41

My relative was my worst enemy.

Worst enemy

     Some time ago, our conversation topic was,"What have you been very angry about?"
This was what I have been feeling recently. I told my teacher Sue Ann about a sad event. I had been the co-owner of an engineering company with my two older brothers from an young age in Taiwan. I had been greatly involved in this engineering business for 60 years.

     One day, my oldest brother died in his house while I was in America(2014). My brother's son bought the company and office. He took out all of the company's money from the bank immediately. He became rich in an illegal way.

     So I have been angry for more than a year. Teacher Fu and Mei also understood this sad event. I lost my share of 200 million dollars. This sad event worries me.

     Sue Ann said, "Anger will hunt your body, Don't think about it, Let it be! Many blessing, good health will be yours."

     I deeply appreciated the words and kidness of teacher Sue Ann, Fu, and Mei.

     I realize that my evil feelings about my relative was my worst enemy.

a6/53: My relative
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My relative was my worst enemy. Worst enemy      Some time ago, our conversation topic was,"What hav...
a1/122:Saliva 唾液能幫助消化和具有殺菌作用
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Saliva 唾液能幫助消化和具有殺菌作用 人老先老嘴,人老齒落,無法咀嚼時,只能吃些湯泡飯或是較稀的食物,但是常期如此,將會使胃的負擔變重,減緩了腸道蠕動速度。長此以往,容易因為消化不良,而導致各種...
a5/88:小常識 essential tips
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【生活必備小常識】Living essential tips 日常生活中,您會碰到的18項問題,以下都為您解答,很有幫助哦,要記起來。 1. 吃到辣,辣到流眼淚怎麼辦? 吃到辣到流眼淚的食物,喝水並不...
22/Hand clinic organs 手診
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Hand clinic organs【 手診臟腑圖 】 幾乎失傳的手診,建議收藏 1.xxx 2.xxxx 手心出汗肺脾虛,指肚泛紅血脂高; 五指關節青筋暴,末梢循環定不好。 消化吸收看五指,指間有縫...
a5/87:Lemon with cold 檸檬養生
2014/08/20 03:26:47 |瀏覽 2341 回應 0 推薦 3 引用 0
Lemon with cold or hot water have health effects 檸檬用冷水還是熱水泡才有養生效果? 請看正確方法:        將 檸檬用硬毛刷徹底洗淨,放進冰箱冷...

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世界衛生組織(WorldHealth Organization) 今天表示,醫師通報會直攻肺臟的重症形式的H1N1新型流感,會造成健康的青年出現嚴重身體不適並需要昂貴的住院治療。  WHO在最新通報中...
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大健康觀--很多舊觀念都要砍掉 1、不要只想尋求快速方法痊癒! 現代人追求快速的生活,用泡麵解決一頓飯,用止痛藥即時消除頭痛,一有感冒症狀就吃強效的感冒藥來制伏感冒,想打瞌睡就立刻喝杯咖啡來提振精神。...
2008/07/01 08:24:00 |瀏覽 6742 回應 1 推薦 17 引用 0
40 歲,開始認真保養 孫安迪 十年前,我邁入四十歲關卡,當時仗著自己體質好,根本沒什麼養生保健觀念,每天為了國事、家事、門! 診、教學和醫學研! 究! 忙得焦頭爛額,往往深夜兩點回家,清晨六點又趕著...
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提升血液力健康的生命泉源 -- 先提升血液力! 生病的基本原因-- 它力或自力使身體的某部位、器官、穴道、經絡產生變化,中醫曰氣滯血淤,西醫曰微血管循環不良,細胞缺氧,進而壞死。產生痠、麻、痛、腫、發...
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  主題: 走路曬太陽,遠離退化性關節炎 走路曬太陽遠離退化性關節 根據統計,全台灣年逾50歲的中老年人,每2人就有1人罹患不等程度的退化性關節炎,一走路就痛,不少人因而整天待在家裡,一動也不敢動,...

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