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The post is translated from https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/109274312.


Emergency department director Xu Ziqiang has been working on the frontline for many days.

On the day this photo was taken, he took advantage of lunchtime to come to the quarantine area, 10 meters apart, to visit his son Xu Qiubi who was also on duty. Father and son are close at hand, but cannot communicate through protective glass. Xu Ziqiang took out a prescription paper, wrote on it "Son, refueling!" and showed it to his son through the window. There, the son nodded earnestly.

"Come on, son!"

"Ill try, dad!"

When the victory arrives, you, the father and son, can sit down and have a drink. You can calmly say to each other: "Well, I didnt embarrass you, did I? "

If the mother was also nearby, would she cry?


Here is a nurses diary.

Shes always worried about the patient on the forty-third bed. He had written a suicide note, barely legible in scrawled letters: "When I die, my body will be donated to the state." He then rejected the intravenous globulin he was prescribed, saying he would leave it to those who needed it. But the medical team never gave up, they went all out to treat him and contacted the referral hospital. He was transferred to Jinyintan hospital, and his condition has since improved. In the photo, he raises his thumb. Seeing the picture, the nurse burst into tears. She choked and said, “fortunately, we worked hard. Im glad we tried,” she sobbed, "This time it is no longer the powerlessness of failure."

"Even if you give up, we wont give up on you. Your coming back to life is our best reward." Thank you, dear angels, in white. You have shown us the most moving light of human nature -- unconditional love. The disease is cruel, but you are warm and robust.

Its good to have you.


Anqing, Anhui province, February 13.

A newly diagnosed patient with coronary pneumonia has been cured and discharged from the hospital. The medical staff sent him flowers to congratulate him. He took the flower and suddenly fell to his knees. "You restored my life. Thank you!"

The display has made a lot of people cry because we all know that for a big man to do such an act, there must be hidden experience behind it. From suspected to diagnosed to cured. The great panic, the stress, the pain to the gratitude. And that’s the only way to express it. “Thank you very much!”

All the angels on earth. How many times has death stretched out its claws, yet you rushed to save people. Death said, “I will take them!” You tried to block it, saying: “No way!” As a result, one patient after another was reborn, and now families can keep their close relatives. You deserve all the praise.

You deserve that kneeling.


Photographed is Miss Wuhan, who recovered from the new coronavirus and was discharged from Jinyintan hospital on February 1.

Two weeks later, she read in the news that the director of the Jinjintan hospital said that the recovered patients had comprehensive antibodies to fight the virus, and so he requested that they go to the hospital to donate plasma. She immediately decided to give, and she called on others who had also recovered to come forward.

It was reported that, after the release of the three hotlines of "recovered plasma donation," the phone immediately exploded, as many recovered patients called in requesting to donate. This is a tear-jerking story. The Chinese say that a gushing spring should reciprocate the grace of dripping water. So how should one pay back a life-saving? They chose to repay with blood.

 They took action without hesitation, without fear.


Dr.  Xiaodong Fun has been sticking to the hospital since the Spring Festival.

He graduated from Hebei Medical University. The picture was taken in 1995 and includes some of his dorm brothers.

The battlefield is different, but the enemy is the same.                            Take care, my brothers.

This Spring Festival, they were all fighting in Tianjin, Beijing, Shijiazhuang. This is their latest photo.

From Douyin @ 风 小 东 “At that time, my classmates were young and ambitious.”

They are still fighting side by side today. If brothers are of the same mind, their sharpness can cut through metal.

I look forward to your victory and triumph soon.


At first, we all thought the outbreak was just for the people of Wuhan.

It was later learned that each of us was among them. Everyone also faces choices. Is it rushing or persuading? Is it helping, or just watching? Is it cooperation or chaos? ... If it were not for the epidemic, these questions would not be answered. We dont even know for sure what we would do.

But at this moment, when the people across the country handed in their answer sheets, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there was so much unexpected warmth and endless hope on earth. Those little bits of light, together, became a warm sun.

Thank you to those who give selflessly, and to every brave and kind person. It is you who raised a torch in the dark to let us feel warm and at ease in this sudden disaster. The epidemic has allowed people who have been used to being alone see that we are closer together than we think. After this disaster, we will still look forward to working together. May each of us in China, in the future, bring light when it is needed, to illuminate the night and warm the world.

Birds of a feather flock together. Meeting better people can make you the same.


































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