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我们不是孤立的 We are not Isolated
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The image is from https://www.district32.com.au/business-growth-articles/the-importance-of-human-connection/

The winter of 1935 was the most depressing period for the American economy.
During this period, a court case was being heard in a poor neighborhood in New York City.

Standing in the dock was an old woman in her late sixties. She wore shabby clothing and looked sad and ashamed. She had been taken to court by a baker for stealing bread from his bakery.

The judge said, “Defendant, did you indeed steal the bread from the bakery?”

The old lady lowered her head and replied meekly, “Yes, Your Honor, I did steal the bread.”

The judge asked, “What was your motive for stealing the bread? Was it hunger?”

“Yes.” The old woman looked at the judge and said, “I am hungry, but I need bread to feed my three grandchildren who have lost their parents. They have not eaten for days. They are still little children, and I cannot let them die.”

Upon hearing the old lady’s words, there was a low murmur in the gallery.

The judge struck his gavel and said gravely, “Order. Shall we now pronounce the sentence?” Then the judge turned to the old lady and said, “Defendant, I must uphold the law. You have two choices: Would you prefer to pay a ten-dollar fine or spend ten days in detention?”

With a pained look, the woman faced the judge and said, “Your Honor, I have broken the law and am willing to accept my punishment. If I had ten dollars, I would not have stolen the bread. I am willing to be detained for ten days, but who will take care of my three little grandchildren while I am gone?”

At that moment, a man in his forties stood up from the gallery. He bowed to the old woman and said, “Please accept the $10 sentence.” With that, he turned to the other people in the room and took out a ten-dollar bill. He took off his hat, put the money inside it, and said: “Everyone, I am LaGuardia, the current Mayor of New York City. Now, I would like to ask you all to pay a fine of fifty cents each. We are all being fined for our indifference. We deserve to be punished for living in a city where grandmothers must steal bread to feed their grandchildren.”

Everyone stared at Mayor LaGuardia in amazement. The courtroom was so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop. After a moment, the spectators stood up silently, and each man put fifty cents in the mayor’s hat, including the judge.

Why should an outsider become involved when an old woman is fined for stealing bread? LaGuardia made it clear that day; it is wrong to be indifferent in such poverty.

He showed us that human beings are not isolated from each other. As social animals, humans come into this world with the desire and obligation to interact with others. We share material interests and social and emotional interactions and form legal contracts.

In our life, everyone is likely to encounter difficulties, and everyone is expected to need assistance. If we do not help others in an emergency, who can guarantee that we will not eventually swallow the bitter fruit of becoming isolated and helpless?

The heart can only be enlightened when it is good. It is noble to cherish altruism and empathy. Wise people know that they will pay for indifference. Today’s society is too indifferent to the needs of others, and we pay the price for our selfishness.

Kindness is not merely a quality to be contrasted with indifference, betrayal, cruelty, and selfishness but also a spiritual contract.

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