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母親的借據 An Important IOU
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Fifteen years ago, my mother taught politics at the local middle school. She loves to teach people and tell them about what is really happening in the world. She takes everything very seriously; she is so strict that both her students and their parents were nervous around her.

One day, my mother and I stopped by our relatives’ house to borrow some money and then went home. To save money, we chose to walk along the side roads instead of taking the bus.

We walked in a hurry; neither of us spoke. When I was crossing a small bridge, my right shoe fell off. After I had retrieved my shoe and put it on, I looked around. It had gotten dark, and the words of my relatives sounded again in my ear: “There are dangerous people on the roads during the last months of the year; don’t go back tonight.” My mother, however, was sure that we would be all right.

It was a relief that we had been able to borrow the money. When we left our relatives’ house, my mother had smiled at me and promised to buy my sisters and I half a pound of chocolate the next day.

We were half an hour from home when it happened. With a fierce “Stop right there,” two men came out of the darkness and blocked our way like a pair of mountains.

I shivered in fright and reached out to hold my mother’s hand. My mother pinched my palm and gently said: “Do not be afraid; I am here.”

Each man was carrying a club; I couldn’t make out their faces in the darkness. I simply assumed that they wanted to kill us. I knew that we should run, but I also knew that a woman and a girl would never be able to outrun two strong men.

Mother looked down at me; her face was perfectly calm. After a terrible silence, the man on the right said: “I just want money.”

He seemed to be as tense as I was; I heard a tremor in his voice. My mother said nothing.

The man continued, “We really don’t want to hurt you; we can’t help it. We worked hard all year, but our boss ran away with our money. We need to take money home to our families before the New Year. At least you city people make more money than we do; it won’t hurt you as much if you give us something.”

The robber spoke in earnest, but this did not change the fact that he was still carrying a club. I know very well that if we made a mistake, we would be hurt. After a moment, my mother sighed and took out the blue handkerchief from her pocket, where the 200 yuan we had borrowed was wrapped. I think they were four brand-new bills, fifty dollars each.

The man saw the money and held out his free hand for it. “Wait,” said my mother, moving the money closer to her chest, “you can’t take this money.” The man’s hand froze in mid-air.

“If you take my money today, no matter how much you need it, you will have committed a crime. Not only does the law condemn you, but you will never forgive yourself for your SINS in your hearts.”

Why would she say this now? It was strange that my mother should start teaching this lesson at this time.

She calmly said, “I will write an IOU for you now. This way, no matter how long it takes for you to pay back the money, whether it is 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or never, just remember, you didn’t rob me today. You borrowed my money. I hope you will not rob other people of their money in the future.”

With that, my mother took a pen and paper from her pocket and carefully wrote an IOU despite the lack of light. She put the money and the note in the man’s hand and said:
“It has my name and address on it, and as for your names, you can fill them out yourselves when you get home!”

The would-be bandits had probably never encountered anything like it. They froze for a moment, looked at each other, and did not say anything; they just took the money and the IOU and ran.

I didn’t say a word the rest of the way home. I was so disappointed that my mother would write the stupidest IOU in the world to two robbers with clubs.

That Spring Festival, although my mother still bought us chocolate, I was very sad. I was still having trouble getting over the events of that night, and thought that my mother had fallen short of her usual bravery.

And then one day, two years later, my mother came home from school with a money order in her hand. The amount on it was $1,000.

The sender’s name was unfamiliar, but the postscript read: “Thank you for keeping us on the right track.”

The IOU that my mother wrote changed the lives of two people. She is probably the best teacher of politics in the world.

If you cultivate good and accumulate virtue, you can inspire others to follow your example.

-If you ensure that it is never too late for others to turn away from criminal habits, God will ensure that the same consideration is extended to you.

The original Chinese article is from https://www.cmoney.tw/forum/article/157459285.





























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