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Where is God’s Perfection? (3)
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Prayer Prayer

The image is from https://pres-outlook.org/2019/08/prayer-for-el-paso/.

As I was sitting at home waiting for the cable company to install my television (I had just moved into our new house), my cellphone rang all of a sudden. I saw it was my daughter calling, so I picked up the phone, and I could hear her crying. She said, “Mom, someone attacked me.” I replied, “What? Attacked?” I understood what she meant, but I didn’t know why she was attacked. I asked her, “Wait, weren’t you at the open house?” She was a realtor, so she had been working at an open house for her listing. She tried to explain to me that one of the visitors wanted to attack her. I was shocked. I rushed over as soon as I hung up the phone.

When I went in, I saw that her clothing was still intact, so I was a little more at ease. But I could see a small cut on her face, and she was shivering. I tried to hold her as she was crying. I let her calm down, and she started to tell me the whole incident. There was this middle-aged man, well dressed, who came in and signed his name on the visitor’s list. She told him he could look around. After he explored the downstairs, he went upstairs and told her he had some questions to ask her. Usually, my daughter would have a Taser, but she left it in the car that day.

Without a second thought, she went upstairs. Once she went there, the man held her in a chokehold. She was trying to pull his hand away, but her long fingernails also scratched her face, explaining the cut. My daughter told me that she knew if she did not fight, she was going to lose her life. That man was much taller and much stronger, and she was just a little girl. But she had a spark in her; a will to live helped her fight him off. The man didn’t expect such power from such a small girl. Not only the man realized that he could not overpower her, but he also knew the visitors still were coming in and out of the open house, so he threw her to the ground and ran out. My daughter passed out. After a few minutes, my daughter came to. She didn’t remember what had happened, but she felt her face was wet. She went to the restroom to check and saw that her face was full of blood. That’s when she knew she was attacked and called me.

When I went over, she brought me upstairs. She told me in detail where it happened and what had happened. When I looked where she was thrown on the ground, it was the only room that had a carpet. I was thankful that it had been that room; had it been any other room, there would have been nothing to cushion her fall. When I looked further, I was surprised to see that, while the house had been unfurnished, the room had a picture of Jesus Christ on the wall. When I saw the picture, I couldn’t help but cry out loud, it was God who saved her. After her husband arrived, we rushed her to the hospital for a check-up. After a thorough check-up, the doctor informed us that she was okay.

Often, we fall into danger, or we face a terrible situation. We may not always have time to pray or connect with a higher power, but the divinity is always there to protect us. Somehow, it comes to our aid in the most critical moments before we even have a chance to open our mouth to ask for help. I shed tears of gratitude that even though we were just minute human beings, we were protected in some way. The divinity is still connected to us, and any time we are in an urgent situation, they will know it too. Even sometimes, when we make poor choices or meet the wrong people, the divinity is still with us.

God’s perfection is omnipresent, and we will inevitably encounter many unpleasant things, and even endanger one’s own life. Many times, a big disaster becomes small or disappears unexpectedly. Sometimes, He also gives us some warnings before things happen.

I remembered many years ago, I met a new friend Karen in my dance class, and we had a great talk. She invited me to her home the next day to chat, because she had a friend who visited her from Canada, and she wanted to introduce her to me. I accept her invitation. Her friends are the same as her, a very cheerful, very sunny girl. While we were chatting, Karen suddenly asked us (her friend, her husband, and I) to be quiet, and she had something to tell us. She looked quite serious. We immediately stopped talking and waited for her announcement. She said to tell Alice who is in our dance class that her daughter’s in danger and we should let her know. I couldn’t think of anyone else named Alice in our class, so I told Karen that I couldn’t find this person. Of course, she mentioned other things, but this incident was so weird and I didn’t think I could ever forget it.

Because Karen said something strange, her husband (Jason) took her to the hospital for a brain exam, which turned out to be normal. Soon after, they transferred to Germany, they sold their house and moved out of Los Angeles, and we lost contact. This incident stayed in my mind. Two or three years after my daughter’s accident, I suddenly thought about Karen’s words, only to find that “Alice” she was talking about was me. It never crossed my mind that the person Karen referred was me at that time. My English name is Alice. Although I didn’t understand the warning, He still shows His perfection. You see, He let it happen in the safest place of the house (only carpeted room in the whole house), and where He was (the picture of Him hanging on the cross on the wall). The owner of the house had already moved out and left the house empty and unfurnished. Why would the owner leave an area carpet in that room and the picture behind?

Is it a coincidence? I believe it is the perfection of the omnipresent God!











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