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Dialogues between a Christian and His Pastor(s): Letter 6 (Manifestation of HS)
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9/24 2006
Dear Pastor Pete:

It was great to meet you and greet you this morning! I regret that for uncontrollable reasons, I could not attend your sermon. However, I am confident that there was anointment in your message and the congregation must have greatly benefited from it!

In this letter, I have three good news and one bad news to share with you today. I will start with two good news, followed by a bad news, and the last god news!

The first good news is this: I am excited to share with you that I was struck by the Holy Spirit like electricity this morning! It appears that you have great anointment so I was struck by the Holy Spirit almost the moment you stepped up on the alter! I have never been struck by the Holy Spirit to the extent of losing my physical control until this morning. It appears that the Lord answered my prayer/complaint one or two days ago that why had I not been struck by the Holy Spirit like electricity as some charismatic leaders described in their books. Our Lord is really a wonderful God who always does new things!(Isaiah 29:14)) Praise the Lord!

The second good news is that after the service, I received so much love from the body of the Christ that my hurt suffered during the “interrogation” (details please see below) was greatly comforted and for the first time, I truly experience the power of healing through loving and accepting body of the Christ! Those wonderful brothers and sisters included: Bryan (‘I was a little scared, but I am for you!’); an unknown sister (“Scared? Why should I be scared?! It is normal!); Rebecca (“I would think there must be something wrong with the church if we do not see such things happen occasionally); Jusup (the wonderful worship leader and Community Pastor, too much to be summarized!); the brother leading the worship today (“it was beautiful”); Michael (“Congratulations! It must be great to have the fire of the Holy Spirit breaking sin”)(though the Holy Spirit this morning was not breaking my sin:p); Marlron (“I do not think you need to apologize. It is the work of the Holy Spirit!”); Jannie (I do not remember the correct spelling, sorry)(“I was not scared. I have such experience as well”); Omar (sharing his experience being touched by the Holy Spirit for a month); David and Laura (showing their love by their smiles).

Now finally comes the bad news, sorry! The bad news is, I think that the interrogation/interview for me by four brother and sisters (A, K, P, S) was improperly conducted and I feel that I was not treated in a respected way. Jesup agreed with me and encouraged me to bring this matter to the higher authority of New Life Fellowship to make sure that similar mistakes will not occur in the future.

The following is my descriptive account of what happens during the “interrogation”.
1. All of them share two “irrebutable presumptions”:
(1) Because they thought that I lost my physical control, it could not be from the Holy Spirit and must be something else! (Look at Acts 2: 1-13 and the fact that the Lord is a[n] incomprehensible God in your sermon!)
(2) My excited physical manifestations must be motivated by a selfish desire to draw attention from men and distract them from the Word of the Lord! Because they did not cast out any evil spirits from me, they raised the possibility that it was due to my diet (got excited by too much sugar), heated emotions or exciting music.
2. They were dismayed when I cited biblical passage (with quotations) to counter their claims or to support my claims. They implicitly or explicitly conveyed the message that they thought I was out of my mind because I read too much bible! (Praise the Lord, Paul was also accused by the same cause! Acts: 26:24)
3. One sister (who seems to be only a member of my small group) commanded that I repeat her prayer. In her prayer, she asked me to repent for disturbing the order of the congregation and for following the spirit this morning. When I repeated them with this addition “if this is not from the Holy Spirit”, they were dismayed. (Please see the following point.)
4. The same sister commanded me not to have any physical gestures in an early stage of the interrogation. Later one, she insisted that I must remain completely silent when they prayed for me: “Just receive, do not respond”.
5. I kept calm and smiling during the whole process and submitted to their authority (which actually is in doubt with the only exception of A). However, they were greatly disturbed by my smiles and calling them “my Lord” (Genesis 18:3). In their prayers, they repeated trying hard to cast out the spirit of mockery!

Now here is my evaluative account of their conducts today:
1. They are not humble to their limited spiritual knowledge. They simply presumed that if the Holy Spirit has never moved them to the extent of losing physical control, such experience must be fakes!
2. Although they do have a heart for the Lord and some love in different degrees, the spirit of the Pharisees has a stronghold in their life. (Please see Luke 18:9-17,28 for a description of the spirit of the Pharisees.)
3. Although it is right to test all spirits (1 John 4:1), they do not know the proper standards to test the spirits. They simply presumed that whatever that is beyond their previous knowledge and experience is wrong.
4. I sense that the Holy Spirit was deeply wounded during the process. Although they have a heart for the Lord, they were insensitive to the Holy Spirit and acted in the ways of the Pharisees. The Holy Spirit is very unhappy with their conduct today and was silenced for a while. Please kindly join me to pray for their repentance, if you are moved to do so. Otherwise, their punishment could be severe. (Mathews 12:31-32)

Now I would like to share the last good news with you! I have sensed that even the aforementioned unjust and improper interrogation was done under the sovereign plan of the Lord to achieve the following purposes without limitations:

1. All servants of the Lord have to suffer in different degrees to grow and become mature. They have to learn how to “overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21), trust the Lord, and not to seek human approval during the process. (Even Isaiah has suffered, just we do not know!)
2. I have to learn to be careful about what I ask of the Holy Spirit and be sensitive to the timing of the Lord. When I asked for the Holy Spirit pouring down in the form of electricity, I did not know I have to suffer for it. “You wanted the electricity? Now you get it! And you now know the consequences!”
3. A’s prayer confirmed the will of the Lord to grant me “power, love, and sound mind”, which was first delivered to me through the dear sister Debbie (not the Senior Associate Pastor!) last Sunday.
4. I did have suffered a lot from rejection, as S saw in a vision during the interrogation, and the four interrogators are part of my rejection (though some of them have showed more love, such as P and S). Because of the past rejections and hurts, I do need a lot of prayers for healing, even though the Holy Spirit has greatly healed and transformed my life in the past week.
5. My ancestors did have some sins or immature patterns that still have influence in my life. Their prayers to cast out the influences of the generational sins were greatly appreciated. (This point was raised by P.?)
6. Although my diet has nothing to do with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit this morning (or on other days), it is true that I should pay attention to my diet schedule to make my body a true temple of the Holy Spirit! (1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19)(This point was raised by A and followed-up by S and P)
7. As A has prayed, I will have a life of normal person (though called to work for the Lord), have a great spouse, and enjoy relationships in my family. (Though his original intention was to imply that I was just a normal person without the great anointment of the Holy Spirit.)
8. I do need a mature, loving, and wise mentor who knows a lot about Holy Spirit and who could spend enough quality time with me. (I raised the question to you a few days ago, and this point was emphasized by S in a private conversation and A in the interrogation. Jusup also agrees with this point.)
9. I have learned the beauty and healing power of the body of the Christ today!
10. After some of the interrogators repent, the power of the Holy Spirit could transform their life and they shall be the precious instruments of the Lord!

Jusup thought that this is a serious matter that has to be dealt with properly. He suggested that I share my experience with Drew, my Community Pastor, ask Drew to interview the four interrogators, and report the result to the Elders Board. As you are the Senior Pastor of the Church, and I see you as my spiritual father in New York (you are free to deny this!), I would like to seek your advice on the proper procedure to follow up with this matter. I trust your sound judgment!

In Christ’s love and peace,


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