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(7/7). The Way - English Oral Presentation in 1 Semester 方法 - 3個月讓成都學生說流利英文
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(VII)                 The Way - English Oral Presentation in 1 Semester  方法 - 3個月讓成都學生說流利英文

How to Learn English? 如何學好英文?

In the last few writings, I’ve shown you lots of ways to learn English. Now I will collect and highlight the important ones once again. First of all, you have to build the proper attitude--observe, analyze and pluck up your courage to speak. Secondly, you may create the English-speaking-surroundings to apply what you have learned in your daily life. Finally, you may also watch some TV series with the “correct way”. In addition, reading English newspapers to broaden your knowledge is also doable.


How to deliver a speech in fluent English?  如何在台上講演流利英文?

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How to Speak English with Native Accent?  如何講道地英文?

This is another issue about pronunciation correction. Chinese speakers are subject to the pronunciation in Mandarin too much, so many people with good English proficiency turn out having poor Chinese pronunciation, while an English speaker may have weird Chinese too. Besides, there are also so-called Cantonese- English, Beijing-English etc, which are cute. Everyone’s English is strongly affected by their mother tongue.

The main reason is that we human beings use different parts of our throat/body to pronounce Chinese and English. So, most importantly, you have to find this difference yourself before we try to imitate.

We normally use the place deep in our throat along with a bit nasal noise to speak English, however, for Chinese language, we use the front edge of our mouth to pronounce. (Check this video out! Moronic as it is, Mike explains well the English-Chinese of different accents) It’s also different among dialects of Chinese, for instance, the places in throat to speak Hokkien and Cantonese are behind the place for Putonghua the Mandarin. In this regard, the Taiwanese and Cantonese songs usually sound better.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9dApqW8WZk

(Perhaps professional linguists or physiologists have better description for it. It was just my personal interpretation, and I just wanted to let you notice the differences between languages, or even dialects.)



影片: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9dApqW8WZk


If you have noticed these differences, seriously speaking, even laughter could be divided into "Chinese laughter" and "English laughter" respectively. The resonance places in your body are different with the pronunciation of different languages, and so does the laughter.

"Chinese laughter" is 哈哈.

"English laughter" is like haha.

You are already pretty talented!





How to enhance your vocabulary?  如何“背”英文?

I published a book a few years ago. Badseller. But there was a writing inside about a bunch of ways to memorize things that I had been proud of, one of which may actually be very proper for learning English. (you will see how bored I was thinking of these craps) Anyway, I would like to share it with all of you, the methods to memorize new words -- don't review those words until you almost forget them.

I didn’t describe so well in the previous writings. Obviously, we have to memorize something while we are learning a new language, but definitely not rote learning. If you memorize these words with wrong methods, not the way native speakers memorized them, it will not only be tough for you, but it also wastes a lot of time!



I've seen a lot of Taiwanese students memorizing words with continual repeating. When I was teaching in mainland China, there were even more students like this. As bad as it would be, almost all of them took it for granted and worked so hard on it. I admired them pretty much for their hard working but I felt pity and really wanted to convince all of them picking up my effective ways.


The most effective way is to look into the word first and understand what it means. (There are two ways to analyze a word, I will talk about them in the next paragraph) Secondly, browse your list of the words once and go do something else! After a while, you will find yourself getting less familiar with some words, and are still impressed for the others. Meanwhile, you can skip the ones you already remember and focus on those you have already forgotten once. With this process, the words that have been forgotten by you will be particularly impressive for you. In short, All you have to do is browse for few times until all the words become your vocabulary.


Two Ways to Look into a Word  搞懂字的兩種辦法:

1.  First, read it aloud. And then segment it by the syllables as the way you read. For example, separating assignment into a-sign-ment


2.  Another way is to separate it with its structure, however, it may be a different result from the first one. For example: assignment, ass (a + overlapping letters, as verb, enabling)-sign (mark)-ment (noun, something)


In the process you separate the words, you learn and memorize them better.


The Way to Look a Word up In the Electronic Dictionary  查電子字典的辦法:

There are too many alternatives for a dictionary nowadays, so it’s almost impossible and impractical that some teachers still request you to use the traditional dictionary merely. I have a way to make electronic dictionary or the smart phone translator app more effective for learning.


1.  Read it aloud


2.  Do not type the word into your device directly. Look, it’s is a chance to test yourself on the word, so try to spell it without looking at the original text.在打字時不要照著打,不要看原文,憑著你念的印象當第一次小考拼出來。

3.  Some better electronic dictionary will offer you with the word structure, so you may check if you analyzed it with the correct segments. 有的比較好的電子字典會告訴你字構

4.  Strengthen your impression on this word with the two methods above and review with the recent search history after a while依這兩種辦法記起來,下次複習這個查詢歷史清單

Next time seeing a new word, do not just google translate it. Make sure you understand the word, and read it out. After looking up in the dictionary, analyze it and check the recent search history in your spare time few weeks later.


These methods above are not going to make your English grades from D to A over a night, (The rote learning may be possible for the exam right after) because study-orientated exam in Asia is so wrong by cramming for the exams. However, using this way to learn English for long term along with the methods I taught you in this series of writings currently will bring you excellent English for good, and you will definitely get an A+ in the not so far future!



Like all the teachers, I will tell you in the end of the class, “Feel free to ask me if you have any question.” and then rush away.

This is my email address:   imkwei@gmail.com Join my lesson!


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