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Trump new policy and what I thought
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Fed訂銀行可轉債規範 要業者自行吸收損失....要求銀行業者擴大負債,一旦危機發生可轉為股權,作為資金緩衝
--if so, the 1st thing I would do is to take money back, banks are not safe any more. in the past I always wonder why certain banks got usa government help, some can't but shut down. So far we haven't lost money in usa banks which shut down or sold to another. but I did hear some people lost money because shut down.

Anyway banks didn't give us decent interests for many years and even rate goes up would all put in usa insurance company and hospitals pockets.

人大原副校长:世界经济大萧条可能出现 或引发战争...特朗普最近说美国经济增长率要在3-4%,失业率在4%以下,我觉得这个他做不到。做到的代价是非常惨痛的,就是用美元吸引外资,所有发展中国家、新兴市场经济国家的外汇都到美国集中,美国的债务空前多,债务是要还本付息的,这会使美国财政赤字,通货膨胀急剧增加。所以他这个代价是非常沉重的。...右翼势力纷纷上台,英国脱欧引起连锁反应。之后是意大利、希腊,也可能五年之后,欧共体已经不存在了。

--I agree with 原副校长 usa would 通货膨胀急剧增加 whenever "good news" post even is fake or "temporary".



--I'm not sure 赵美心 got Trump 承诺 or not, I was told within 2 years before Trump makes any change. it could cause by we all got emails/phone calls that you have to buy for 2017 or punished, and after 12/27?/16 premium would jump up again. even I can't but apply but still hesitate to pay for jan. 2017, because pay for nothing, i'm going to find out what is the punish penalty. I bet most americans didn't vote hilary still can't but register for obama healthcare that's why Trump 不会废除奥巴马全民健保.

I hope china people are more smart, if you can't make the richest class help the poor then don't request this and that free meals or you as hard working middle-low class would be living in the hell to pay for others free meals.


川普減稅計畫 不利部分中產家庭

--as I said not until we file tax won't know 利不利, too complex and frequently changed rules, it is a mess, no one know the rules any more.

more and more divorced, have kids but won't marry so one of the couple can get all kind social benefits. the poor in the end richer, the low-middle class living like beggar.  same as those have many kids to avoid pay tax, even could get free health insurance. I'm thinking to adop 2 kids so never worry about medical expenses eat up all our savings.

so  low-middle class don't encourage it or you have to pay for free meals and dragged down.

china did much better one-baby could get social benefits, other kids parent have to pay full expenses. very fair and could last longer. Aaa I am more and more support one china because china government did right jobs and good to their people. indeed over 5000 history IQ can do jobs right.

( 在地生活北美 )
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2017/05/16 11:26

外媒:特朗普向俄外长曝机密信息 危及盟国情报来源 ...“伊斯兰国”恐怖分子在飞机上使用电脑构成的威胁。

--Aaaa give me a break, this is not 机密 at all. we already been told 伊斯兰国 had millions threaton weapons and Sadam can put nuclear weapon in his pocket. any internet related all can count threaton weapons including cell phone because it can trigger bombs.

it is really not 机密信息 at all, except sometimes I suspect whether it is true or usa created fake stories.

Aaaa 外媒 is really over acting. however I do believe our ancestors told us don't push too hard if you make the person felt would rather die then he would try hard die together with you. it is you have to think about does it worth?

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-16 11:33 回覆:


--I'm glad Trump did the right thing. as world journal post it might hurt china benefits-so-called. I won't worry it because usa can have Russia help in certain fields and usa can have china in other field. we chinese love PEACE, doesn't like bloody wars, such nasty jobs let usa and Russia do it.

But I do warn both countries, don't do bad things to others or bad things would happen to you.

2017/05/11 03:35

加州「反」了 考慮共產黨任公職...加州州眾議會通過的新法...1940年代及1950年代的「紅色恐怖..舊法中規定的公職人員「如為共產黨員將被開除已由加州眾議會廢除。

--Aaaa finally 加州州眾議會 did the right thing. there is no need to black 共產黨.


--certainly 有共產黨, when I was in taiwan I was told 美國有共產黨 as usa is 民主的. in 1998? we went to chicago support 10/1 for china, a young female(the white) tried to sell 美國共產黨 newspaper(黨报) and I was very curious wanted to buy immedidately dragged down by my husband and left I was a bit upset then he told me that I have no idea what we would suffered , he could lose his job for my curious, and believe him usa CIA/FBI already made  photos whoever nearby the lady.  not unitil when I applied usa immigration, there is a question did you join 共產黨? then I realize why my husband accused me for it, and found out we got wrong about usa in taiwan.

it's been 18? years now, obviously 美國共產黨 still alive. Honest Trump is the best to change usa. even taiwan the most hate 中国共產黨 can't but face the truth that  中国共產黨 did much better than taiwan rotten parties.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-11 03:46 回覆:

中国共產黨 allows other paries especially KMD right in the beginning but taiwan for killed all 共產黨 caused many innoncents died not mention 228 because 台獨笨蛋國 covers for their serious crimes...denied they and their ancestors are chinese, anti and terinated anything related to our chinese cultures... can't believe they can fool so many taiwanese-so-called blindly believe their liars.

the most 愚民 policy performed by 台獨笨蛋國 succeed in taiwan--they really are voluntary chicks for japanbastards.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-11 03:53 回覆:
correct: became 台獨笨蛋國 covers, anti and terminated anything ,

2017/05/01 10:48

vs 特朗普邀杜特尔特访美 对其打击毒品行为表示赞赏

--very good., please help ILL 1st, then Trump would find out guns-owners all over south of chicago that murdered many innoncent people.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-01 10:53 回覆:
china should enforce catch those 毒贩、黑帮分子 in china, don't forget rat companies.
Since Teump also 赞赏杜特尔特其打击毒品行为, it's time for china recovery death penalty for those 毒贩、黑帮分子, rat companies.

2017/04/29 12:30


--there are good things Trump did:

1. most he promised he did try and quite openly, every one can see it, not like Obama's secret and sneakly ways.

2. the demacartic party (Obama) squeezed out pity middle-low class for supporting the poor.

Trump knew the rotten rich have no desire to help the poor and he cut down the social benefits to reduce the burden on pity middle-low class especially Obama's health insurance.

Trump not yet succeed, but there is a hope...

3. Trump is much fair to squeeze other countries in stead of one-side torture china only. Trump now knew very well who are those countries got max. benefits from usa which definitely is not china.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-04-29 12:45 回覆:



--no wonder 96%的在去年大选中投票给他的选民称,他们仍会再次做出同样的选择。And I'm still stand by Trump.

特朗普还说,美国在韩国境内部署的“萨德”反导系统造价10亿美元,应该由韩方承担。...我已经通知韩国方面,由他们支付这笔费用是合适的,这可是价值10亿美元的系统,”特朗普说,“它能力非凡,可以在空中拦截导弹。” 特朗普素来不按常理出牌,这番表态似乎也令美国政府官员措手不及。...美国国务院一名不愿公开姓名的官员告诉路透社记者,整个系统价值大约12亿美元,但美方不会将“萨德”卖给韩国。“

vs 韩国政府回应,对于自贸协定,韩方持“观望”态度;至于“萨德”,韩美早已有所约定,韩方不会为“萨德”埋单。...韩国国防部28日重申“由美方承担费用”的基本立场,即韩国政府不会为“萨德”系统本身埋单。声明说,依据《驻韩美军地位协定》,由韩国政府提供“萨德”部署地、基础设施等,而部署及使用、维护“萨德”的费用应由美方承担,韩方这一立场没有改变

--haaa I like smart Trump, the only question is did he know Obama and/or Hilary made the deal with 韩国? can he over rule or force 韩国 pay more than 2 (to 10) 亿美元? 

it's funny in the past any usa officer told the truth in china always 不愿公开姓名. Trump did make a change in usa, I like him more and more.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-04-29 13:06 回覆:


--Aaaa it's too late, and you can't beat up the most small men. same as taiwan, you can't beat up 台獨笨蛋 who have millions evil 手段 .

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-01 04:34 回覆:
特朗普就职百日演讲 称将取消所有不符美国利益协议...美国总统特朗普29日承诺“开始新的谈判或者取消”所有不符合美国利益的协议。..其中,特朗普承诺“开始就自由贸易协议与墨西哥和加拿大进行新的谈判(北美自由贸易协定)”。他表示,希望“这将对各方都有利”。







--Trump told the truth. the only question is will those countries for their people cut down uncessary 武装力量? I don't think so, it's too late each country existing the most rotten weapon purchase group, it just happened in S. Korean, the army ignored their people against. And even the new president elected can't stop it.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-01 05:09 回覆:


--will Trump obey “萨德”费用协议? if Trump can't force 韩国 pays 萨德费用, there are many other ways to sqeeze out from 韩国.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-01 05:21 回覆:


--Trump should make 美国人自主选择购买医保 w/o penalty comes true, not just talking "应该", then many pity middle-low class won't join Obama's health care. why would I pay $500-/mm for nothing? And hardly find a doctor, nearby hospital ? not mention got very poor service. it is a diaster totally for pity middle-low class.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-01 05:33 回覆:

首尔示威民众——撤走“萨德”还我和平... 50,000+ S. Korean people came out...

4/29/17 300名美军“重返”阿富汗

2017/04/28 01:57

除了上述兩大減稅,還有一些直接影響到納稅人的措施,例如個人免稅額增加一倍,從現在每人可扣6350元增至1 萬2700元,夫婦共同報稅,則從1萬2700元增至2萬5400 元。房貸和捐款的扣稅取消,3.8%的投資獲利稅也取消。

..李明認為,總體看,中產階級稅收是大為降低,因為稅率在降低,不排除應稅收入本屬於10%的征稅率,稅改後一下子算作25%的稅率,「以單身為例,應納稅收入在9275元到3萬7650元之間的,原來徵稅15%,如果25%的徵稅額度在此區間,稅改後可能徵稅25%,變相在加稅。...稅改方案也有很多細節沒有講清楚..美國的稅收很複雜, 一個人的總收入,減去各項開支,為調整後收入,再減去個人免稅額(Personal Exemption Amounts)和扣除額(一般用標準扣除額 Standard Deductions)才為應納稅收入,所以一個兩口之家的納稅收入,至少要減去兩萬多才可納稅,川普的方案中,標準扣除額上是否再減去個人免稅額,也沒有說清楚,所以先別高興太早,靜觀其變再說

--as I mentioned before not until you file the previous year tax you won't know.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-04-28 02:12 回覆:

ps. 房貸利息以及慈善捐款向來是最熱門的抵稅項目,在川普稅改計畫中也都得以繼續保留。不過,由於抵稅門檻標準將變高,這兩項抵稅項目對於許多納稅人來說,恐怕淪為無用武之地。州稅、地方稅則將改為不能抵扣,首當其衝的將是稅率較高州的居民。

2017/04/26 07:12

my husband told me today he saw a news about usa forbid canada's 木材 imported. we both were shocked, immediately I am worried that toilet papers, napkins, ... will jump high. I wonder usa forests are going to be destroyed soon.

Aaaa haven't see any benefits from Trump's new policy but saw the oil jump to $2.78/gal--that station always a bit higher than others.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-04-28 02:59 回覆:




--no wonder 墨西哥 groceries in here, price go up since 边境墙 built . we visit Jewels more now.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-04-28 02:19 回覆:


--it is the other countries are forced to pay 聯邦赤字 and 增加 usa 國庫收入. that's why Trump would rather one by one talking not deal with any kind unions.

the good news is china is not usa main target any more.

Trump tries hard forbid immigrations, and unemployee rate already quite low now, there is not necessary to force usa companies in other countries return back.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-01 10:45 回覆:



--haaa Trump already in the most rotten 1% list. 军购家 医保家 商政家 control usa.

2017/03/26 11:19


--Russian is more honest than american, I bet more and more pity Iraq people enter into usa, but I don't believe Trump would let them in but very few can.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-03-26 11:21 回覆:


--will Trump allow 200 伊拉克摩苏尔地区居民 immigrate to usa? I don't think so.

2017/03/26 10:41

共和黨健保案 老年、窮人大輸家..50到64歲的人將多交保費,但退稅減少。64歲年收入2萬6500元的人,保費將是1萬2900元,遠比歐記健保少得多。

--I can't see 64歲..保費1萬2900元比歐記健保少得多 got conclusion 共和黨健保案老年大輸家? it seems world journal reporter didn't explain well or misguided chinese in usa. but I do see why Trump failed because 年收入2萬6500元的人,保費是1萬2900元($1075/mm) I bet it is ridiculous expensive 保費 in the world and 歐記健保 no better but worse if 保費是1萬2900元,遠比歐記健保少得多.

the only good about 共和黨健保 is 可選擇不買保險而不被罰款(haaa only 身體健康的人? I don't think so) .  Suggest Trump the 1st thing to do is 不買歐記健保不被罰款 then explain why 保費是1萬2900元($1075/mm) and how much income can offer it. Trump better realize americans are poor in math. better consult with chinese from china.

as from taiwan you already saw 歐記健保 made a diaster so you won the election.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-04-28 02:34 回覆:
三家分晋 stories happen in usa.... 1% the rotteb rich control usa, and I wonder Trump soon belongs to 1%.
蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-03-26 10:53 回覆:


--as far as I knew we can't get 歐記健保退稅 at all and most americands tax report using standard tax deduction not items. you see world journal reporter(fro taiwan) didn't know usa freaky complex tax systems so misguide its readers. however those income over 10萬元以上 especially businessmen related could use  歐記健保退稅 without doubt.


--the reprter didn't show under   歐記健保 how much 退稅 those rotten rich get. from my view tax system won't change by  歐記健保 or 共和黨健保 but how much you pay for 健保.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-03-26 10:56 回覆:
certainly Trump reduced tax rates that did help the rotten pay much less tax.
蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-02 07:23 回覆:

柯恩是在接受CBS「今早(CBS This Morning​)」節目的訪問中,川普團隊認為他們在國會眾議院已有足夠的票數,可以繼續推行川普在競選時的這項重要的承諾。
川普在前一日說,他的新健保方案中,會堅持三項重要競選承諾:1)保費(premium)下降、2)自付額(deductible)下降、3)接受帶病投保(pre-existing medical conditions)。
由共和黨原先提出的,要取代歐健保(Obama's Affordable Care Act)的新健保,取名「美國健保(American Health Care Act)」,在共和黨中的「自由黨團(Freedom Caucus)」反對之下,被迫在投票前一刻,尷尬地撤下。川普在30日說,他估計他們大約差了10票到15票。「自由黨團」所堅持的是,新健保中的保費必須下降,否則他們無法向他們的選民交待。

--the only problem is who pay for those 帶病投保 and the poor?

2017/03/07 16:53


--I would say 美国人 history IQ too low, or/and 民调 cheated. millions treaton weapons in usa much more than any country, still don't have confidence at all. the worst usa did too many wrong jobs to other countries so afraid the ghosts knock usa door in midnight.

蝙蝠(amtrak) 於 2017-05-02 07:40 回覆:
葛林斯班認為:Trump 算數有問題,他無意以同樣的規模削減聯邦支出,以彌補減稅與擴大國防支出的代價,尤其政府有必要削減退休金與老年給付等「應享權益支出」(entitlement spending)。
--they and 45% americans all 有問題, the only should 削減 is 國防軍費支出.

2017/03/03 06:27

瞄準兩會? IS首次威脅血洗大陸...打壓維吾爾人的藉口??

haaa Europe and usa is the one 打壓 other countries people, not china. as I said there is no reason for china打壓維吾爾人 who are chinese but those nuts like dirty LDW type in china.

if it is not you Europe and usa 打壓 other countries muslin, there is no way few 維吾爾人 join IS. if it is not you Europe and usa on purpose intervene china's business there is no way few 維吾爾人 became violent terrorists.

Europe and usa ways didn't work in Africa, nor middle countries certainly won't suit china. my best advice for Europe and usa mind your business, your ways won't suit in other countries especially now you forbid those other countries pity people immigrate your countries.

Trump better keep in mind if you are not welcome other countries pity people come to usa then don't attack/invade their countries. I'm glad to hear you allow Iraq immigrations because you knew very well Bush shouldn't invaded.

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