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Students’ Review 歷年學生述評 - 3個月讓成都學生說流利英文
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Recommendations - customers’ reviews
Students’ Review 歷年學生述評


Alessandra D*****

Intensive Course, 6 months, Italy

My experience with the teacher Arthur Wong was really good. I started from very beginning level of english and thanks to his way to teach, really professional and addictive, I improved so fast, infact now I'm doing my master degree(in english language) and I don't have problem to understand or doing exams. Then I really recommend this teacher if you want to improve fast and with excellent results.


Ambra M*****

Weekly Practice, 4 months, Italy

La mia esperienza con Arthur è stata davvero utile. Praticando spesso inglese con lui mi ha permesso di ampliare il mio vocabolario e acquisire maggior scioltezza nella lingua. Arthur è stato sempre molto disponibile e versatile: questo mi ha permesso di praticare l'inglese con costanza , parlando di qualsiasi argomento. Grazie ad Arthur sono migliorata molto!



Military service, Matsu Command

11 months, LianJian County, FuJian Province, Republic of China

⇨Liang Island Archaeological Conference Translate Official

⇨Paraguay Ally Visiting Trip Translate Official


Joanna K*****

Weekly Practice, 12 months, Poland

(Polish-English Tandem Exchange)

Arthur was my language exchange partner for almost a year. However, we've never actually met – we helped each other on Skype. These online lessons gave me a lot of flexibility, as I could adjust them to my daily schedule. Arthur is a methodic, organized and very patient teacher. He is also very kind and has a great sense of humor. He corrected my mistakes while we were speaking and answered all my questions. What's more, he gave me some basic information about current political affairs, both US and Asian culture and society. The atmosphere in the lessons was relaxed and motivating, I can honestly recommend Arthur as a language teacher to anybody looking for both a professional and understanding teacher.

Arthur是我將近一年的語言交換夥伴。但是,我們從來沒有真正見過面 - 我們在Skype上互相幫助。這些網路課程給了我很大的靈活性,因為我能調整配合我每天的日程安排。Arthur是個有條理,有組織,非常有耐心的老師。他也很善良,並且很有幽默感。在我們的談論中他糾正了我的文法錯誤,並回答了我所有的問題。更重要的是,他給我講時事和政治的一些基本信息,美國和亞洲的文化和社會。課程中的氣氛很放鬆和激勵,我可以誠實地推薦Arthur作為一個語文老師給任何人尋找既專業和理解老師。

Jill C*****

Weekly Practice, 12 months, Italy


In early ’13 I inadvertently discovered this talented young teacher through internet, a 22-year-old university professor traveling around the planet. Every time I learned more about his facts, I felt myself wasted in the last three decades. Back in the time, I wanted to get promotion at work, besides, I felt like studying abroad, so I hired Mr.Wong as my personal tutor for business English teacher. We met at Mr. Brown coffee next to Taipei Arena every weekend, talking on whatsoever in English. Today, both my dreams came true. When I looked back into my faltering period three years ago, learning English was my only moment practical. And during this time Mr. Wong played the excellent role as instructor, thoroughly analyzed my problems and offered doable solutions-- I remember his major is mathematics.


SWJTU - 112 freshmen or sophomores

Double Weekly Practice

Review selection:


周宇航(成都市):Arthur的课有别于中国传统教育,生动活泼、精心设计;他教我们如何在Facebook做英语评论、Powerpoint议题简报、5分钟演讲以及学期末的英语辩论;同时他尺度爆表,教尽各种最生活化的字句和用法,还让我们在课堂上看Eurotrip (限制级电影,他坚称我们早已全满18岁了!) 真学了很多課本沒有的口語用法,甚至少许第二文。受益良多,永生难忘! (他通晓六七种语言并且相当流利,是我从来见过最多也最为之震惊的)

交大外語學院院長推薦信Letter of Reference_English teaching in SWJTU.jpg



Intensive Course, 3 months, Beijing


Things happened in 2011 when I went to Taipei to study as an exchange student. On the flight from Beijing to Taipei, Arthur, sitting next to me, got more familiar with me after some chat. I was so surprised that such a Chinese speaking guy is even more fluent in English. It was because that he was born and brought up in the United States. In those days in Taipei, I followed him for oral English practice. Arthur's real-life experience was so fascinating that everyone will definitely be envious of. He was very funny as well, and his methods for teaching invented by him were unique and practical, making me realize there are actually to plenties of interesting ways to learn English. Time flew really fast back then. When I come back to Beijing, my friends were surprised at my progress, thinking I had been to US instead, and I followed his way thereafter--creating your own language surroundings. I’m still in contact with Arthur now, always in happy satisfaction and sincerity. Thanks God for letting me meet such a mentor--as a teacher and a friend.

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