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佛寺在加州聖何塞建設引基督徒爭議Construction of Buddhist Temple Draws Controversy in San Jose, California

From mercurynews.com 來自 mercurynews.com

The Khmer community in the Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose, California, is attempting to build a Buddhist temple. However, the proposed plans have drawn the ire of some local residents, who feel that the 1,300-square-meter structure, which will sit on a 0.75-hectare lot, will bring unwanted noise and traffic congestion to the area.
加利福尼亞州聖何塞長青社區的高棉社區正試圖建造一座佛教寺廟。然而,擬議的計畫引起了一些當地居民的不滿,他們認為這座佔地 0.75 公頃的 1,300 平方米的建築會給該地區帶來不必要的噪音和交通擁堵。

The issue came to a head in February when the San Jose Planning Commission approved the building project. Now the site proposal is with the city council, which is responsible for approving the temple’s construction and rezoning the property for public use. A vote on the issue is scheduled to take place on 28 March.
2 月,當聖何塞規劃委員會批准了該建築項目時,這個問題達到了頂點。現在,選址提案已提交給市議會,市議會負責批准寺廟的建設並將財產重新劃分為公共用途。定於 3 月 28 日就該問題進行表決。

People who are opposed to the project are showing their displeasure in a number of ways. One individual who owns property along nearby Ruby Avenue has refused to sell their land, which sits in the middle of the building site, to developers. So the temple will wrap around their property on three sides.


Another local resident, Murali Pabbisetty, expressed concern that the temple would make it harder for residents to walk safely in the area, and that the cars of temple attendees would block the entrance to his cul-de-sac.
另一位當地居民 Murali Pabbisetty 表示擔心,寺廟會讓居民更難在該地區安全行走,而且寺廟參加者的汽車會擋住他死胡同的入口。

In contrast, members of the local Khmer community are enthused by the prospect of a new temple being built to serve their community.

“We want a good place to worship.” said Victor Thach, a 63-year-old San Jose resident who arrived in the United States in 1986 after leaving Vietnam. “I don’t want the next generation to look down on us and see that we haven’t done anything for three decades.” (The Mercury News)
“我們想要一個禮拜的好地方。” 63 歲的聖何塞居民 Victor Thach 說,他離開越南後於 1986 年抵達美國。 “我不希望下一代看不起我們,認為我們已經 30 年什麼都沒做。” (水星報)

Thach, along with other members of the congregation, currently attends services at a single-family home that was converted into a Buddhist temple in the 1990s. However, the congregation has outgrown the space, and some members have stopped attending services as a result of the overcrowding.
Thach 和會眾的其他成員目前在 1990 年代改建為佛教寺廟的單戶住宅中參加禮拜。然而,會眾已經超出了這個空間,一些成員由於人滿為患而停止參加禮拜。

From mercurynews.com 來自 mercurynews.com

With the help of Lyna Lam, who heads the Khmer Buddhist Foundation, the congregants hope to build a new temple that will provide more space and add to the architectural beauty of the Evergreen community. The planned temple will provide religious services and support to the community of ethnic Cambodians in the area, many of whom came to San Jose after escaping war and bloodshed in places like Vietnam and Cambodia.
在高棉佛教基金會負責人林娜·林 (Lyna Lam) 的幫助下,會眾希望建造一座新寺廟,以提供更多空間並為 Evergreen 社區增添建築美感。計畫中的寺廟將為該地區的柬埔寨族裔社區提供宗教服務和支援,其中許多人在逃離越南和柬埔寨等地的戰爭和流血事件後來到聖何塞。

Lam described the importance of the space by stating: “A temple is really the center of the community for Cambodians. It’s not just a religion for us, we go there to support each other.” (KRON 4)
Lam 描述了空間的重要性,他說:“寺廟確實是柬埔寨人社區的中心。這對我們來說不僅僅是一種宗教,我們去那裡是為了互相支援。” (克朗 4)

The planned temple will be located at 2,740 Ruby Avenue and will provide a home for eight monks, who will live their full time, and will include a temple sanctuary and a community center, which will have many traditional Buddhist elements. The buildings will reportedly host a maximum of 300 visitors at a time. However, the developers said they expect worship services during the week to have 20 attendees, while weekend services will probably have around 50 attendees.
計畫中的寺廟將位於紅寶石大道 2,740 號,將為八名全職僧侶提供住所,並將包括一個寺廟聖地和一個社區中心,其中將包含許多傳統佛教元素。據報導,這些建築一次最多可接待 300 名遊客。然而,開發商表示,他們預計本週的禮拜服務將有 20 名參加者,而週末服務可能有大約 50 名參加者。

In an attempt to address some of the concerns put forth by local residents, the project planners have adjusted the plans for the proposed temple. The size of the buildings has been scaled back by 25 per cent and a surface-level parking lot has been added to the design.
為瞭解決當地居民提出的一些擔憂,項目規劃人員調整了擬建寺廟的計畫。建築物的規模縮小了 25%,並在設計中增加了一個地面停車場。

The developers have also offered some pushback to locals, noting that there are other multi-ethnic places of worship in the area, including the Evergreen Islamic Center and a Sikh temple.

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