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Practice ( Read Aloud and Drama Show)
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It is almost the end of the year 2009 and Christmas is coming soon. The weather now is sunny and cool. Therefore, we like to wear jeans, T-shirts and shoes.

Christmas is a special holiday to express our gratitude to someone around. All the children expect to have a joyful Christmas very much. In addition, we like to write letters to Santa Claus because we wish to have a bicycle, a video game, some stationery, a MP4, a cell phone, a book, a computer or a doll as our Christmas gifts from him. But in order to get those super gifts, we have to be super kids and be good and cool. Besides, we would like to wish him Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Moreover, we do some activities to celebrate Christmas. For example, we would clean the house, visit friends, listen to stories about Santa, send Christmas cards to friends, buy a Christmas tree, have a Christmas party, enjoy Christmas dinner, sing Christmas carols, exchange gifts, decorate our houses with a Christmas tree before Christmas.

Furthermore, we will buy some lovely gifts, such as Christmas cards, a Christmas tree, a music box with Christmas carols for our teachers and friends with gratitude. Besides, our family will decorate our houses with a big Christmas tree, red stockings, beautiful Christmas cards, cute snowmen and delicious gingerbread houses.

We will have a Christmas dinner with yummy food, such as steak, a big turkey, a Christmas cake, cakes, a hot pot and ice cream while holding a Christmas party on Christmas. Moreover, we will hang our stockings beside the beds and expect Santa’ visit from the Chimneys.

Wow, we like Christmas very much!! We’ll be good kids as well as good students next year. We all love you Santa Claus and we wish everybody Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.



大:算了!看在我們是兄弟的份上,就饒過你好了。〈事實上 三弟已被打成殘廢了〉
 於是經過三秒的討論,三隻小豬決定由三弟來蓋房子 而且三秒以內三弟完全沒有任何發言的機會,但是在三弟的苦苦哀求下,大哥和二哥終於決定幫點忙了。
仙:Come on!許個願望吧!
仙:代價是要服侍我一輩子或認真讀書 當個乖孩子!
 於是三隻小豬就立志認真讀書 當乖孩子!~    The End~
We are going to have a Christmas party. Students decided to have a drama show and they enjoyed writing their own story for the drama. I am supposed to translate those lines into English and make some tiny changes for " Education" purpose.  They are very creative in some ways. A student of mine was active in doing me a favor, and she is kind enough to type Chinese version of the story for me.
Thanks, Tina.

In the universe, in a certain planet, in a certain city, on a certain corner, on the manure pit, there are three homeless pigs sleeping side by side and shivering with cold.

Pig 1: Cold, cold, cold, I am cold to death.

Pig 2: Hungry, hungry, hungry, I am hungry to death.

Pig 3: But why you guys are not dead yet?

Pig 2: Do you lay a curse upon us?

Pig 3: No, no, ahhhhhhhh, help. Help! We are brothers. Don’t fight, OK?

Pig1: Forget it. For the sake of brotherhood, I forgive you.

Pig 3: Winter is upcoming. Let’s go buy some clothes for the cold weather.

Pig2: Where does the money come from?

Pig1: According to my analysis, we need a house to keep warm. But if we want a house, we need money. If we want to have money, we need jobs. If we wish to find good jobs, we need good education background. If we wish to have higher education, we need to study hard.

Pig 2& 3: ( Clapping) Wow, when does Big Brother become so smart?

Big 1: Haha, heehee……Actually, it is said in this book.

Pig 2& 3: Where did you get the book?

Pig 1:  Hahaha, from the wasteyard. It is free. Free. Free……

Pig 2& 3: Ahhhhhhhhhhh……….

After a three-second discussion, the three pigs have a decision. The youngest pig will be in charge of building a solid house for all. But during the discussion, the youngest one had no chance to speak out for himself. However, after the younger one tried to beg of the other two older brothers to help, the other two pigs decided to help.

The three pigs are building their house now.

Pig 2: ( He’s looking at a certain strange mountain and pointing at it.) Look! What are these?

Pig 1: ( While picking his nose, he says~~) Materials.

Pig 2&3: (They are whispering silently.) Twenty years has passed, Big Brother is still so stupid…….(sigh……)!!

Pig 1: A……chou……..aaaaaaachou…..I must catch a cold!


The next day~~~

Right after Big Brother gets up, he hears the youngest brother’s screaming sounds.

Pig3: Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how many times you have stamped on my foot?

Pig2: Sorry, I didn’t mean to do it but I did it on purpose. Hahaha…..

Pig 1: Let me help you. Aahhhh………..Wow, oooooooooooo, aahhhhhhh……( Falling down on the ground.)

Pig 2: Are you OK, Big Brother?

Pig 3: What is this? A bottle gourd? ( He picks it up.)

At this moment, there is Santa Claus coming out from the gourd.

Santa: Come on~ ~Come on! Make a wish!

Pig 2: I wish to eat a mountain high food. ( He is kicked away by his two brothers.)

Pig 1&3: Help us to build a house.

Santa: Ok. No problem.

Pig 1,2 &3: Yeah!!

The house is built within a second.

Santa: The price you have to pay is either be my servants for a lifetime or be hardworking students for a lifetime.

Pig 1,2 &3: What!!!???? Oh, my god……….Oh, my Santa.

Finally, the three pigs decide to study hard to have higher education, have higher education to have good jobs, have good jobs to make enough money to buy their own houses.

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