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櫻花廚具,In winter, little luxuries matter more than ever.
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According to the latest lockdown laws, having family and friends around is now allowed (provided you’re feeling well and you stick to recommended numbers of guests).

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Investing in easy options that give you instant heat can improve your social life all through the winter months, and instant heat allows you to have social gatherings well into the night (and feast on food cooked to perfection on a Natural Gas BBQ, with no fear of an LPG bottle running on empty!).
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In winter, little luxuries matter more than ever. Relishing in a glorious hot shower and washing your hair with a fruity shampoo, or enjoying a mouth-watering meal of hot minestrone soup scooped up with crusty bread…there are small ways you can pamper yourself this winter and keep yourself uplifted, no matter whether we’re in isolation or out and about.

They are the ultimate in home comfort, casting flickering shadows across the walls when evening sets in, and providing a perfect place to curl up with a good book, watch a classic movie, or simply dream the day away in total relaxation. If you’re in the dreaming or scoping stage of a reno, there’s a range of fireplaces featuring pebbles, coals or logs to suit your style – or you might consider a ducted heating system or portable gas heater. There are a host of great Natural Gas heating options to suit every home and circumstance, because having a warm welcome home in winter will always lift your mood, no matter how the heat is delivered!

A DIY spa or toasting your toes before a fireplace…these simple self-care ideas will clear your mind, lift your mood and warm your body during the chilly winter ahead.

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Lifting your mood with a spot of self-care doesn’t have to be hard work – it can be as simple as washing away a hard day under a steady stream of gorgeously hot water (for instant, continuous hot water, Natural Gas is the best choice).

So fend off any feelings of loneliness, isolation or disconnect by filling your home with loved ones. Our advice? Avoid staying cooped up inside when you have people over, and instead, entertain outdoors. Spending time chatting to friends outside in the fresh air, under that endless winter sky, can do wonders for your mental health and sense of space. Extend the event into the evening by setting yourself up around a Natural Gas firepit or outdoor portable heater.

When you think ‘comfort eating’, most people imagine bingeing on ice cream or other unhealthy foods. And while these meals do have their place (see the tip below about times to treat yourself!), there are other times when the nourishment you need isn’t sugar laden snacks but brightly coloured veggies, fresh bread and crisp, picked salad greens (straight from the garden, if you have one)!

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3. Take the chance to treat yourself

4. Shake it off! Thaw out in front of the fireplace 

Still stressed? To completely reset your body and mind, relax your muscles and soothe your soul, try making your shower or bath into a DIY spa day. Stock up on a face mask for your skin type (boys with beards might like a homemade, infused beard oil, too) and splurge on a luxurious shampoo in a scent you love, like fruity raspberry or something heady like ylang ylang. You might like to opt for a shower gel or soap with lavender for maximum relaxation, a common ingredient in products designed to send you to the land of nod. Slip into some fresh PJs and crisp sheets and you’ll be deep in a refreshing sleep before you have time to worry about a thing.


This winter, if you’re hankering after a little something to reward yourself, try making it into a moment to exercise self-care with conscious enjoyment. This means skipping a quick snack, and instead, making a conscious decision about what treat to have and planning something special to mark the moment (like low lighting or a fancy plate). Set the scene, eat slowly, and savour every delicious morsel. You’ll feel more satisfied and rewarded than mindlessly eating in front of Netflix.

2. Comfort eating (the healthy way)

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For a self-care dish we love, try whipping yourself up a batch of minestrone soup. Even just seeing that riot of colourful cubed veg tumbling into a pot then simmering into a soup that’s bursting with vitamins should lift your mood. Let it bubble away on a gas cooktop until it’s piping hot, then grill some sourdough, drench it in butter, and have yourself a comfort meal that’s good for you, inside and out.  

The winter chill might make us want to hide away indoors, but staying social is good for the soul. And after weeks of physical distancing, top of the list for self-care this winter will be reconnecting with friends and family – so don’t let winter stop you entertaining!

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For a special winter treat to try, we recommend a round of S’mores (biscuits layered with a piece of chocolate and marshmallow, sandwich style). For extra oomph, toast the treat over the flame on your gas cooktop until the charred marshmallow layer melts into the molten chocolate. Pop it on a china plate, pair it with a mulled wine, and take the time to really enjoy it. You’ll have had a real moment of self-care and indulgence instead of an ordinary snack.


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5. Self-care with social connection

1. Do-it-yourself spa session

As delicious and nutritious as a hearty soup straight off the gas cooktop might be, sometimes you want (and need!) to treat yourself to something special. And it’s OK to indulge, in moderation - good self-care is all about balancing ‘spoiling yourself’ with a positive outlook, rather than stressing yourself out over a piece of chocolate!

Winter days force us to brave blasts of cold every time we step outside, which is not only exhausting but, combined with grey skies, doesn’t do much for your mood. If you’re back at work and getting out and about, or have errands to run that just can’t wait, the perfect cure for a cold day outside is having a warm, glowing home to come home to. A fireplace is the perfect welcome home on a winter's day, but skip messy log fires that take ages to build up to a cheerful blaze, and opt for a Natural Gas fireplace.

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