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報應 ? ! 美國 黑白問題
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Walk Away From Love - David Ruffin


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Actors: George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, Ben Kruidbos, Actress: Angela Corey



加拿大 的 常山龍: (旁觀者清 ? !)

『 最近看电视。发现美国社会很怪。一个问题少年(Trayvon Martin?)被说成无辜少年。有关他被学校开除的事,身上带毒品的事,他手机里的东西不准让人知道,就好像他是毛主席,有关负面的东西属防扩散材料。这是在纵容那个种族的人,使他们觉得他们永远正确,不能自省,没法进步。

同时美国社会欺负某些少数种族,譬如华人,拉美人,给美国提供劳力脑力的人。一个正直的拉美人(?)被当成坏人,企图把他送进监狱。维持正义的警察局长(?)被开除,坚持宪法的检察院人员(Ben Kruidbos?)被开除。



瞎摸象 回函:

從佛教觀點看, 此乃 報應 ? !

當年 黑奴 在這片土地上,受了太多冤曲。

妳, 我 ? 她, 他, 它, 牠, 祂〝Package Deal〞 ? !   http://classic-blog.udn.com/mbr8879576/2658721

不平 ? Comes with the land.  

Cest la Vie ? !

Take it or leave it ?

If you cant stand the heat, get out (滚出) of the kitchen. ~ Harry S. Truman



ps. 黑白問題, 冤氣極重,在美國乃第一禁忌話題,視時務者為俊傑,凡沾上邊.....  穢氣? 晦氣? 衰 !


1. 拜 地藏王菩薩,保佑。
2. 裝聾作啞,裝傻,推說不知。
3. 見人說人話,見鬼說鬼話。

(否則, 下場 可能 較〝泛藍親〞~ 郭冠英 烈士 更慘?!)




NEW YORK (Reuters) - George Zimmermans chief defense lawyer on Monday called Florida prosecutors "a disgrace to my profession" for holding back evidence for months and pledged a new effort to impose sanctions against them.

Mark OMara and co-counsel Don West argued the self-defense case that helped Zimmerman win an acquittal of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges on Saturday for the 2012 shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

The law requires prosecutors to share evidence with defense attorneys, especially if it helps exonerate defendants. The requirement is known as the Brady disclosure.OMara accused prosecutors of several Brady violations, which were heard by Judge Debra Nelson before the trial. Nelson postponed some of her decisions on sanctions until after trial, saying the process was time-consuming.

"This is not acceptable, and is not going to be tolerated in any case that Im involved in," OMara told Reuters in New York on Monday, accusing special prosecutor Angela Corey and lead trial attorney Bernie de la Rionda of Brady violations.

"They are a disgrace to my profession," OMara said, referring specifically to de la Rionda and Corey. "They said my client was lucky to have been acquitted. Really?"

Corey responded that OMaras comments were unprofessional and challenged him to point to any judges ruling that her office improperly withheld evidence."Our office adhered to the highest standards of ethical behavior," Corey told Reuters in a telephone interview. "Our rules of professional conduct regulate comments like that. I dont think those are the kind of comments that are appropriate."

Her office confirmed last week that it had fired its information technology director, Ben Kruidbos, who had testified in a pre-trial hearing that files he created with text messages and images he retrieved from Martins phone were not handed to the defense.

Kruidbos testified last month that he found embarrassing photos on Martins phone that included pictures of a clump of jewelry on a bed, underage nude females, marijuana plants and a hand holding a semi-automatic pistol.

OMara said he intends to amend his request for sanctions against the prosecutors in light of testimony from the trial, calling prosecutors failure to turn over data from Martins phone records for months "an undeniable Brady violation."

Prosecutors handed over raw data from Martins phone, but OMara accused them of withholding additional data that had been extracted by Kruidbos. Corey countered that the judge determined the defense was in possession.

OMara has quarreled with the prosecutors since they charged Zimmerman last year and has become increasingly aggressive in his criticism of the prosecution since his clients acquittal.

A jury in Sanford, Florida, found Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter after a three-week trial in which defense lawyers argued that the neighborhood watch volunteer, shot Martin in self-defense.



The young friend of slain teenager Trayvon Martin made her first public remarks since George Zimmerman was found not guilty on Saturday, vigorously defending Martins reputation and saying race played a role in his death and Zimmermans acquittal.

Appearing on CNN’s “Piers Morgan” program, Rachel Jeantel responded to avalanche of public attention following her testimony as Zimmerman’s trial.

“Don West is lucky I’m a Christian,” Jeantel, 19, said when asked how she was treated in the courtroom by defense attorney Don West. “The only reason I have not said anything to Don West is because my parents have taught me better.”

Asked for her response to the jury’s not guilty verdict, Jeantel was circumspect, saying, “Disappointed. Upset. Angry. Question [sic]. And mad.”

She also added that while Trayvon Martin did occasionally smoke marijuana, he never displayed aggressive behavior or expressed an interest in firearms. She said that Martin likely smoked marijuana about two times per week, and that it was a normal amount for teens in the area. “In my area, weed for Trayvon, weed don’t make him go crazy,” she said. “It just make him hungry.”

And despite recent comments from one of the jurors in the case, Jeantel says she does believe race played a role in Zimmerman’s actions and in the jury’s decision to acquit him.

“It was racial. Let’s be honest,” she said. “If Trayvon was white and he had a hoodie on, would that have happened? It happened around 7 o’clock, that’s when people walk their dogs.”

And on the jury saying race played no role: “They’re white.”

Jeantel says she “had a feeling” that Zimmerman would be found not guilty.


瞎摸象: Obviously, 苦主 『交友不慎』? 物以類聚 ? ! 難 ? ! ! !

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摸 象 或 (不?) 著 木目
福州 華女 不做「軟柿子」.
2016/09/25 18:42



據圭奈特郡警方22日公布的監視錄影顯示,16日清晨4時左右,三名持槍歹徒闖入陳鳳珠坐落於春街(Spring Drive)的住宅,她持槍與搶匪發生槍戰,三名歹徒落荒而逃,其中一名歹徒被她擊中,掙扎著逃出屋外倒在車道上。

警方表示,警員雖對中彈歹徒施行心肺復甦術,歹徒仍當場死亡。警方證實死者是28歲、居住在亞特蘭大的利克斯(Antonio Leeks)。


陳鳳珠說,案發時,她丈夫不在家,只有她和另外一名墨西哥裔幫工在家中睡覺。三名歹徒摸黑潛入她家,先在前面屋子遇到墨裔幫工,幫工對搶匪大聲喊叫:「我沒有錢!沒有錢!」(No money, no money.)她聽到喊叫聲後,立即撥打911電話報警,但無人接聽。





Brave Woman Fires Gun at Three Armed Burglars Who Entered Her Home


Robert Mugabe
歧視 ?
2015/06/27 19:40

Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe's  President: 『Racism will never end as long as white cars are still using black tires.


Racism will never end if people still use black to symbolise bad luck and white for peace.


Racism will never end as long as those who don't pay their bills are blacklisted not whitelisted.


Even when playing snooker, you haven't won until you've sunk the black ball, and the white ball must remain on the table.


But I don't care, so long as I'm still using white toilet paper to wipe my black ass, I'm fine!


Please note: In the USA, White folks is wiping Black Ass with the 〝affirmative action〞

Over baked bread turns black, unbaked bread remains white, golden yellow ones are the best baked bread.  

摸 象 或 (不?) 著 木目
實 不知真假 ?
2014/03/14 00:08


在美国,C. L. Bryan 是最好的黑人领袖
2013/07/22 20:04

摸 象 或 (不?) 著 木目(mbr8879576) 於 2013-07-22 20:26 回覆:

Houston 有一 台灣來的 譚家瑜 女士。 『趋炎附势』 天下第一。 Houston 市長超級助理 幹了 四朝代。 不幸 英年早逝。 初期行走國府,老共大國堀起後,行走 大連 薄西來。聽說, 有人問她 何以 熱中 權勢 ? 她答曰: 『您不知 那種 被別人捧的 滋味 !』 鄭心本 說她 『不要臉』。 

瞎摸象: 此女 姿色, 能力 平平, 但『趋炎附势』 天下第一。 她當面走來,昨日或有求於妳,大老遠就熱絡地 打招呼, 請安, 問好。 但若她 今
不再需要妳了, (爬到妳頭上啦!),那可是 有如路人,視而不見,擦肩而過,不是妳的問題,而是她 實在是 太忙了。腦裡只有 『趋炎附势』? ! 確實 有看 沒有見 妳。  可見得 在美國〝膚色問題〞實不存在 ? !  http://classic-blog.udn.com/hsin1947/7952068



摸 象 或 (不?) 著 木目(mbr8879576) 於 2013-07-24 02:16 回覆:
She is not 『趋炎附势』,She is simply 天真, naive, 愚忠愚孝.  似 〝陳布雷』的 女兒。

2013/07/22 10:15
請 remove me from your email list.

摸 象 或 (不?) 著 木目(mbr8879576) 於 2013-07-22 10:19 回覆:
I am surprised. 

Can you believe that there are such closed minded (心胸狹窄) folks ?

Rosa, 前 Houston 台大同學會 會長 !  

Fact ?  or 『偏見 ? 

This is the reason why to avoid political or religious topic.   

Sad ! 

套句 阿扁兄: 『我說錯了嗎 ?』

Please let me know if I am crazy ? !  or she is crazy ? or we both crazy ?    懇請不吝賜教?

Thank you very much.    謝謝謝謝
摸 象 或 (不?) 著 木目(mbr8879576) 於 2013-07-22 10:24 回覆:

所謂 『知人 知面 不知心』

還要謝謝她 誠實

摸 象 或 (不?) 著 木目(mbr8879576) 於 2014-11-28 06:31 回覆:

她 ? 老朽 拒絕來往。 (因為 尚未開悟,or 修到 耶穌 境界。) 話不投機,半句多。