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網戀漸成主流 “E时代新生兒”將迎大爆發(轉貼-中英對照)
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Retiredbum notes:  By the time of 2035 maybe people can only find the lonely hearts column online.  Attached below is an interesting report that I would like to share with you. 

网恋渐成主流 “E时代新生儿”将迎大爆发

中国日报网 2019-11-28 13:30:59




Vince Fleming/unsplash

More couples will be first meeting online than in real life in the year 2035, and by 2037, more babies will be born to parents who met online - so-called ebabies - than offline, according to new research.


Over 4,000 adults were quizzed about their love lives in the study for dating website eharmony.


Researchers found that a third - 32 percent - of singletons already meet their match through dating apps.


Over the past four years, the next most common couplings took place at work (23 percent), through a mutual friend (12 percent) or via social media (seven percent).


In the seventies and early eighties, one in five couples - 22 percent - met in the pub but now just one in 14 - seven percent - do.


MBA students from Londons Imperial College Business School also found that 2.6 million ebabies have already been born since 2000.


Over a third - 35 percent - of online couples who had a baby did so within a year of meeting.


Among those who have had an e-baby are Dean and Alison. The couple, who met on eHarmony in 2012, are now married and have a three-year-old daughter, Annie, who they say fills our heart and completes our little family.


They said: Annie was born almost to the day of our first wedding anniversary and every day since has been full of chaos, love, laughter and a few tears here and there.



Roman Purtov/unsplash

Jo and Myles also met online. They started exchanging messages five years ago and, after just two months, had moved in together.


The couple married in 2016 and their son Maximus was born in July. They said: Hes growing fast and is the perfect baby. We couldnt ask for more.


Londons Imperial College Business School also studied demographic and population growth projections to determine the impact of technology on how we will find love in the future.


In their The Future of Dating report for eharmony, they identified 2035 as the tipping point year where more lovebirds will meet online than offline for the first time.


lovebird [ˈlʌvbɜːd]:n.恋爱中的人

They concluded that four in ten babies born by 2030 will be ebabies with the figure rising to over half in 2037.


And men are more likely than women to have children with a partner they meet online - by 42 percent to 33 percent.


Nearly half of Brits say the Internet makes it easier to meet their match than relying on traditional, offline means of dating.


Dr Paolo Taticchi, principal teaching fellow at Imperial College Business School said: The digital world has streamlined the online dating process, making it easier to find someone while ensuring that they match your criteria.


2035 will be an instrumental year for finding love and begin a new era of twenty-first century dating.


Romain Bertrand of eharmony said: Its very positive to see that online dating is set to continue opening doors for singles into the future.


Our long-term partnership with Imperial College Business School continues to give us valuable insight into how the world of dating and relationships might look in decades to come and how society will continue to evolve over time.




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