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布袋戲英文劇本 - 木蘭從軍
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第一幕 (序言)
Scene 1 (Introduction)

人物﹕阿福, 阿香
Characters: Ah Fu, Ah Xiang

時間﹕現代 地點﹕芝加哥

幕起﹐一陣霹靂喇叭響﹐一陣煙霧( 乾冰 ) Ah Fu, Ah Xiang 由天上飄然而下﹐兩人在地上一陣翻滾,而後站起﹐拍拍身上灰塵--------

Fu: Ah Xiang, where are we? It’s so….so cold here. While we were flying, the ground is all covered by the white stuff, like…like cotton.

Xiang: Ah Fu, don’t be silly. How many times do I have to tell you, the white stuff is called Snow, S. N.O. W, snow, not cotton? And here is Chicago.

Fu: OK, S.N.O.W, snow …So. Why are we here in Chicago?

Xiang: Ah Fu, you are so forgetful! Didn’t I tell you that Ms. Vivian Hsei is having a party here tonight with friends from all over the world. So she invited us to present one of the most famous Taiwanese cultures.

Fu: Oh, I know, I know, it’s called BuDAiXi.

Xiang: Excellent! Now you got it. BuDAiXi means Puppet Show. It began in the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1644, and came to Taiwan in late Ching Dynasty. Its popularity quickly spread until almost the whole island was saturated with puppet troupes.

Fu: Yeh, Yeh, Taiwan Puppet Show has been one of my favorites since I was little. So, what are we showing today?

Xiang: Our show today is called “Mulan” . Mulan was the name of a Chinese girl who went to fight in her father's place, disguised as a man. Mulan actually made the decision to not lead the life of a traditional Chinese girl and took up arms instead, so her father did not have to fight since he was old. She proved herself in the army quite readily. She and her comrades saved China from the invading Huns.

Fu: Yeh, I think Mulan is the first female who proved that Man and Woman can be equal. She should be the role model for people in RONTA who supports the equality of sexes, I supposed.

Xiang: Exactly, now, Lady and Gentleman! let me present to you the story about a brave female in the world of males…………..“Mulan” , performed by “Taiwan Puppet Troupe at Chicago” .

第 二 幕 ( 代父從軍﹐忠孝兩全 )
Scene 2 (Joining the Army for her Father )

Characters: Mulan, Mulan’s father, Mulan’s mother
Time: Afternoon
Location: At home
Curtain rises, zither music playing, Mulan’s mother walks up and down the living room, Mulan’s father is sitting in a chair, wiping a sword

母﹕ ( 唉聲嘆氣 ) 唉﹗
Mother: (sighs) Oh! Alas!

父﹕不要在那兒唉聲嘆氣﹐走來走去的﹐ ( 木蘭進來 )
Father: Don’t be so worried. Don’t walk up and down like that! (Mulan comes in)

母﹕我能不心煩嗎﹖ 你都五十多歲了﹐為什麼皇上還要你到前線打仗﹖ 你年紀那麼大了﹐是該在家中安享晚年才是呀
Mother: How can I not worry? You are so old, why should you go to the front to fight the war? ﹗ You are so old, you should live out your last years here at home!

父﹕誰叫我是退役的軍官呢﹖ 一日為軍﹐終身為軍﹐國家有難需要我﹐我當然赴湯蹈火﹐義不容辭﹐誰叫我們家沒有壯丁呢﹗
Father: I am a retired officer. Once a soldier, always a soldier. When the country needs me, I go and fight for it. It is not the military’s fault. It is our fault that we don’t have a son.

Mother: Oh! If only Mulan were a boy, that would solve our problems. They said that if there were another male in the family, you could be spared.

木蘭﹕ ( 走上前 ) 我去好了﹐爹娘﹐讓我替你去打仗吧﹗
Mulan: (walks to the front) I will go! Father, let me go in your place!

父﹕ ( 楞了一下﹐哈哈大笑 ) 哈哈哈﹐別孩子氣了﹐你是女兒身﹐女人怎麼能當兵呢﹖
Father: (pauses for a moment, then laughs loudly) Ha ha ha! My child, don’t be so childish! You are a woman…how can a woman be a soldier?

木蘭﹕女人有手也有腳﹐為什麼不能當兵﹖ 何況您從小就訓練我劍術和武功﹐我和別的男人一樣﹐身手矯健 , 絕不輸他們。
Mulan: Father, I have performed all the farm chores just like all other boys in the village, why can’t I be soldier as well? Besides, since I was young, you have taught me swordfighting and martial arts. I am the same as any other man. I can keep up with them.

母﹕胡說﹐那是你爹要你練身體﹐可不是要你上戰場﹐打仗用的 . 何況你年紀也差不多該嫁人的時候﹐昨天還有媒婆來提親呢﹗
Mother: Nonsense! Your father wanted you to learn martial arts for your health. He never intended for you to use those skills on the battlefield. Plus, you are coming to the age where it’s time for you to be married. Why, even yesterday the matchmaker was here looking to set you up with a good husband.

木蘭﹕不﹗ 我不要嫁人﹐父親年紀大了﹐讓我替父親去從軍吧﹗ ( 跪下﹐哭 ) 爹﹗ 娘﹗
Mulan: No! I do not want to be married. You are at age, can’t fight anymore! Let me join the army in your place! (She kneels, crying) Father! Mother!

父﹕木蘭 ( 嘆息 ) ﹐不行呀﹐誰叫你不是男兒身呢﹗ 這是命呀 ( 哀傷音樂響起 )
Father: Mulan (sigh), you cannot do this. We didn’t choose for you not to be a man. But this is our fate (sad music plays).

木蘭﹕ ( 哭 ) 爹﹐娘﹐求您們讓我去吧﹗ 我不會有事﹐一定不會辜負您們的﹐我一定會安全回來的﹗
Mulan: (crying) Father, mother! I beg you to let me go for Dad! Nothing will happen to me, I will not disgrace you. I promise you I will come back safely!

Father: Stand up! This is impossible, Mulan. The military is all men. You are a woman. How can you be with them? The military won’t accept you. You're talking nonsense. Get up quickly, get up now!

木蘭﹕不﹐你們不讓我去﹐我就不起身 ------
Mulan: No, if you will not let me go, I will not get up ------

Mother: Oh! Come, father. Let’s go inside. If we go inside, then she will get up.

( 父母進屋﹐木蘭跪地突然起身﹐神情哀傷﹐低頭沉思﹐收拾行李﹐寄信﹐拿起父劍﹑頭盔 及包包﹐離開家﹐依依不捨﹐回首再望一眼﹐然後快步離家 )
(Parents enter the house. Mulan continues to kneel. Suddenly, she gets up, looking sad. Her head is bowed deep in thought. She packs her luggage, writes a letter, and picks up a sword and her father’s helmet. With her bags in hand, she leaves her home. She hesitates and looks back once, then walks quickly away from her house)

母﹕ ( 進來 ) 木蘭﹐吃飯了﹐ ( 四處張望 ) ﹐木蘭 !! 又跑出去﹐ ( 看到桌上信﹐拿起一看﹐大吃一驚 ) ﹐木蘭的爹 !!! 快來呀﹐木蘭跑了﹐木蘭跑了 !!! 木蘭跑了 !!! 她走了。
Mother: (comes in) Mulan, time to eat! (looking around) Mulan!! Did you go out again? (She sees the letter on the table, picks it up. A look of surprise) Oh, Father! Come quickly! Mulan has left! Mulan has left! She’s gone!

父﹕ ( 跑進 ) ﹐什麼﹖ 我 ------ 我的寶劍﹑頭盔﹐軍令﹐都不見了﹐被木蘭拿走了。 ------
Father: (runs in) What? What are you saying? Oh my God -- My…my sword! My helmet! My military conscript! Everything is gone! Mulan has taken them all away! Oh…. No….

母﹕ ( 追到門外 ) 木蘭﹐木蘭﹐你別走啊﹗
Mother: (runs outside) Mulan! Mulan! Don’t go!

父﹕ ( 追到門外 ) 木蘭﹐木蘭 ------( 東找西找木蘭 )
Father: (runs outside) Mulan, Mulan, Mulan ------( searching desperately east and west)

( 父母叫聲淒涼﹐遠方打戰聲鼓聲隆隆 )
(Parents cry out sadly. In the distance, the sound of drums is playing)

Curtain falls.

第三幕 ( 女扮男裝﹐撲朔迷離 )
Scene 3 (Female dressed as male, A Secret)

Characters: Mulan, military commander, Li Liang, Soldier 1, Soldier 2

Time: early morning

Location: Amidst the Mongolian Army

幕起 “ 出塞曲 ” 響起﹐軍人跑步操練﹐集會。
Curtain rises. You hear the morning call, soldiers running military drills, meetings being held.

Commander: Brothers! Comrades! We have summoned you to the army to resist the invasion of the Huns, and to defend our homeland. We must be prepared to fight to the end or until the victory is ours. Failure is not acceptable! Do you understand?

Soldiers: Yes! We understand!

軍長﹕現在開始做伏地挺身三百下﹐胸膛要離開地面三公分﹐一﹐二﹐三 --------------- 九十四。
Commander: Excellent! We will now proceed to do 300 push-ups. Remember! Your chest must be three inches off the ground, one, two, three --------------- 94.

花﹕唉呀﹐我不行了﹐ ( 冒出一聲﹐全身扒下 )
Mulan: Oh! I can’t do this! (her whole body collapses)

Commander: Hua Mu Ping! You act like a limping chicken! Your chest must be three inches off the ground. Continue!

Mulan: I….I can’t do this anymore. I can’t stand it anymore!

Commander: You are only doing easy push-ups, and already, you can’t stand it! You are not like a man!

Mulan: I’m not a man anyway.

軍長﹕什麼﹖ 你不是個男人﹖ 這倒是我第一次聽到一個男人說自己不是男人﹐真是自取其 辱﹐你不是個男人﹐難道你是個女人﹖
Commander: What? What did you say? You are not a man? I have never heard a man saying that he's not a man. You disgraced yourself! Hmm, if you are not a man, are you a woman?

花﹕ ( 趕快站起來 ) 不﹐不﹐我當然是個男人﹐不是女人﹐我是說 .... 我娘常說我身體不太好﹐像女人一樣。
Mulan: (stands up quickly) No, no! Of course I am a man, not a woman! I was just referring to what my mom used to say that I was not physically fit…more like a woman.

軍長﹕好了﹐你別說我娘我娘的﹐你娘在千里之外﹐別再娘娘腔了﹐男子漢大丈夫﹐要有男人氣概﹐天下沒有吃不了的苦﹐來﹐大家繼續﹐一百零一﹐一百零二 -----
Commander: Okey, Stop saying “my mother this … & ..my mother that”. Your mother is thousands miles away. You are a man & you must act like a man. Nothing in the world is too hard for a man to take and conquer. Understand? Comrades, let us continue. 101, 102…

Commander: Hey! Hua Mu Ping! Where are you going?

花﹕我﹐我需要上大號﹐上 ---- 上大號。
Mulan: I…I need to use the rest room.

軍長﹕大號﹖ 你是說上大號﹖ 我看你真是身體有毛病﹐每次大家就地解決﹐你就說要躲起來上大號﹐你吃的比人家少﹐拉的比人家多﹐難怪你長不高。
Commander: Use the rest room again? What is wrong with you? Soldiers don’t go to rest room. They finish their business right there - standing by the ditch. Something is really wrong with your body. You eat so little and excrete so frequently. No wonder you are so weak and thin.

Li Liang: With respect, Commander, Hua Mu Ping’s physical condition has always been feable than others. Please be easy on him.

Commander: Who are you to him? Why are you always speaking for him?

Liang: Commader, I was Hua Mu Ping’s childhood neighbor!

軍長﹕小時候鄰居﹖ 那我問你﹐花木平在家也不洗澡﹖
Commander: Childhood neighbor? Then I ask you, did Hua Mu Ping bathe at home?

李亮﹕這 ....... 哦﹐對﹐小時候他最不喜歡洗澡了﹗
Liang: Well ....... uh, yes! When he was a child, he hated bathing.

軍長﹕難怪﹐每次大夥脫光衣服洗大堂澡﹐花木平一個人死也不肯洗。 Commander: No wonder when soldiers go bathing, Hua Mu Ping always resists to join.

花﹕報告長官﹐我是用乾洗 ------ 乾洗的啦。 啦------.
Mulan: Commander, I use… dry-cleaning! Yeah, dry cleaning! Uh…

Commander: Dry Cleaning?

Li Liang: Yes, yes! That’s what you rub yourself with a damp towel, like this…, rub up and down and left and right.It has the same effect basically. Wet cleaning, dry cleaning, it’s all cleaning! As long as you don’t smell…plus, it saves the army water!

軍長﹕真拿你沒辦法。 好﹐集合了 ( 吹笛子 )
Commander: You’re hopeless. Okay. Attention ! Fall-in ! Right Face! March! Left – Right - Left – right – left – right ... (trumpets play)

眾人排隊齊下 , 幕下
Crowd gathers around, curtain falls.


第四幕 ( 朝夕相處 , 患難與共 )
Scene 4 (From morning till evening, Sharing joy and sorrow)

人物﹕花木平﹑李亮﹑軍隊 ( 穿 作的軍服 , 一半 " 卒 " , 一半 " 兵 ")
Characters: Mulan, Li Liang, Army (All wearing uniforms, half are "soldiers", half are "enemy")

Location: Mongolian battlefield in the afternoon

Time: Sui and Tang Dynasties

幕起 Curtain rises.
( 武打場面﹐戰爭音樂﹐馬聲撕殺聲 - 可用預備好的音效 , 舞台上只需馬兵﹐打來打去 )
(War scene, war music, horse sounds, stage, horseman and soldiers fighting each other)

Li Liang: The enemy is in the front! Move forward! Attack the enemy!

花﹕打得好﹐讓咱們把他們趕盡殺絕﹐打得寸草不留。 ( 撕殺聲﹐砲火聲 )
Mulan: Fight well. Let’s force them out! No mercy! (The sound of fighting and gunfire)

李亮﹕小心﹗ 頭低下﹗ 兵來將擋﹐水來土淹。
Liang: Be careful! Head low! Soldiers! Let’s move to drier ground! The ground is flooded with water!

花﹕打得好﹗ 打得好﹗ 讓咱們乘勝追擊﹐追呀﹗ 呀! 追呀﹗
( 聲音漸小﹐兵下 )
Mulan & all other soliders : Let’s give a good fight! Let’s terminate them! Let’s destroy them! Now they are retreating, let’s go after them! Let’s wipe them out!(Voices get quieter, soldiers below)

夜晚音樂響起 , 花獨坐在石頭上﹐夜晚青蛙叫聲
Music plays at night. Mulan is sitting alone in stone night, listening to the sounds of the frogs

李亮﹕ ( 走來 ) 啊﹗ 原來你在這兒﹐我到處找不到你。
Liang: (comes in) Ah! Here you are! I have been looking for you everywhere.

Mulan: Brother Li, I’m resting here.Is there anything urgent?

Lee: There is nothing urgent. Hey, the words from the top said we fought great today and we may get awards and decorations. Howeve, the Barbarian Huns are still around, and that we should still remain vigilant.

花﹕唉﹗ 咱們守衛邊疆﹐轉眼已經十二年﹐這兵荒馬亂﹐何時能了﹖
Mulan: Ah! (Sign) We have been guarding the border for almost twelve years. When will this war end? When is the Hunns going to retreat and surrender?

Liang: Yes, at the end of next month it will have been a full twelve years.

花﹕不知家人是否都安好﹐路途如許遙遠﹐﹐連個家書都得等個一年半載﹐才會收得到 , 真是烽火連三月﹐家書抵萬金 ( 嘆氣 ) ﹐但願父母都還健在 ------
Mulan: I do not even know if my family is still well. The road to my village is long and far. Even sending a letter home takes a year or so. Getting a letter from home is worth more than gold…(sigh). I hope my parents are still alive.

Liang: Mu Ping, do not worry. They will notify us if there is any emergency or important thing happen in our families such as any death in the family. You don’t need to worry so much about it.

花﹕謝謝李兄﹐要不是有你不棄照顧﹐鼎力相助﹐我花木平就沒有今天。 尤其剛入伍時﹐你處處替我說話﹐怕我被欺負﹐小弟真是銘記於心﹐沒齒難忘。
Mulan: Thank you, Brother Li. You know, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your caring and help. I remember when I just joined the army, you were always speaking for me, trying to protect me, afraid that I was being bullied. You are truly my big brother at heart, and I will never forget you.

李亮﹕木平 , 別說得傷感兮兮的﹐像女人一般。 俗話說﹕' 酒逢知己千杯少﹐話不投機三句多 酒逢知己千杯少, 咱們出生入死﹐患難與共﹐這也是一種難得的緣份。 '. 這十多年來﹐你武藝進步神速﹐已經不可同日而語﹐再也沒人敢欺負你啦﹗
Liang: Mu Ping, don’t be so sentimental You begin talking like a woman. It’s no big deal, I just feel we are compatible and we care for each other. We have gone so much together. We have gone through fire, sharing weal and woe, this is such a rare fate. In these past ten years or so, you have made rapid progress in your martial arts skills.no one dare bully you any more!

花﹕那兒的話﹐李兄才是武藝高超﹐萬夫莫敵﹐小弟甘拜下風﹐ ( 作打恭作揖狀 )
Mulan: Brother Li, you will always be the master and I am a student. nothing can change that (for playing Gong Zuo Yi-shaped)

Liang: Don’t mention it. Oh yeah! I came to look for you for a reason!

Mulan: What is it?

李亮﹕轉過身去﹐我數一二三 ........ 你再轉過來﹐ ( 花轉過身去 )
Liang: It’s a surprise. Turn around…after I count to three, you can turn around again. (Mulan turns around)

Liang: One….Two….Three..

花﹕ ( 轉過來 ) 這是什麼﹖
Mulan: (turns around) What is this?

李亮﹕ ( 拿出一碗豬腳麵線 ) 是我特別為你準備的豬腳麵線﹐要好好為你祝壽的。
Liang: (takes out a bowl of pork knuckle noodles) I made these especially for you…pork knuckle noodles! Let’s celebrate your birthday together!

花﹕哇﹐豬腳麵線﹗ 我的生日﹖ 我都忘了。
Flower: Wow! Pork knuckle noodles! It’s my birthday? I completely forgot! My mom always gives me this on my birthday. She says it symbolizes longelity and good fortune!

Liang: Happy Birthday, Mu Ping! I wish for you prosperous life as everlasting as the South Mountain and fortune as endless as the East Sea

花﹕哦﹗多謝李兄關愛﹐ ( 深情地看他 ) 小弟真是卻之不恭﹐受之有愧了。
Mulan: Oh! Thank you so much for your kindness, My big brother! (gives him an affectionate look)

Liang Li: Well then, let’s go over there to eat!

音樂響起﹐燈暗﹐幕下 Music plays, lights go out, curtain falls

第 五 幕 ( 最後一役﹐ 告別同袍 )
Scene 5 (The Final Battle, Farewell Comrades)

人物﹕李亮﹑花木平﹑軍長﹑兵卒 ( 四五個木偶相互撕殺 )
Characters: Li Liang, Hua Mu Ping, Commander, Soldiers (45 puppets fighting against one another)

Location: Mongolia battlefield
幕起 ( 吹奏勝利的號角 , 答答滴 , 滴答答 , 答答滴答答 )
Curtain rises (victory horn playing)

軍長﹕各位將領﹐各位弟兄﹐這次戰役﹐有賴大家同心協力﹐冒險患難﹐終於把匈奴打得落花流水﹐保全了大江南北。 這歸功於眾弟兄﹐尤其是李亮和花木平兩位大將軍﹐皇上特頒褒揚令和賜寶劍以嘉獎他們﹐大家可以凱旋歸鄉了。
Commander: Congratulations Commanders! The victory is finally with us! We have won the war in the face of long years of in creditable hardships and adversities. We have defeated these barbarians once for all and have driven them out of our homeland. General Li Liang and Generl Hua Mu Ping share the special credit for this hard-fought victory with their brilliant leadership, bravery, and glorious achievement. Emperor has issued them a special commendation and awarded them with his swords.
Thank you to all your efforts Now you can all go home in triumph.

眾兵﹕可以回家了﹐可以回家了﹗ 太好了﹗
Army: Oh, Oh, we can go home! We can go home! Finally! We can go home!

( 歡呼﹐吹號聲 --------)
(Cheering, blowing trumpet --------)

Mulan: Brother, I guess that means this is good-bye.

Liang: Mu Ping, it is only until next time we meet. I will come to visit you and your family soon.

Mulan: Until next time then. Please take care.

Liang: We will meet again soon, I assure you, Mu Ping, take care! Farewell!

Mulan: Farewell! (Liang started to walk away)

Mulan:Brother, here is my home address and my email address, please keep in touch.

李亮下 , 花一人在台上﹐無限傷感
Li Liang leaves, Mulan is alone onstage, she is very sad

花﹕ 再會﹐ 再會﹐ 說再會﹐ 就能真的再會嗎 ? 此地一別﹐ 何時能再相逢呢﹐李兄﹐ 就算相逢﹐ 我們是否能相識呢 ?
Mulan: You said, we’ll meet again. You said until next time we meet, next time, next time… Will there really be a next time? Even when we meet again, Brother, when we meet again, will it ever be the same?

( 花揮淚﹐ (唱 “重相逢” ) (Mulan sings sadly, “when will I see you again”)

幕下 Curtain falls
第 六 幕 ( 衣錦還鄉﹐ 真情告白 )
Scene 6 (The Homecoming, True Confessions)

Characters: Mulan, Mulan’s Father, Mulan’s Mother, Li Liang

Location: Mulan’s home.

幕起﹐ 音樂響起 木蘭一步一步走回家﹐ 佈景一端﹐母親正忙著縫衣服﹐木蘭近鄉情怯﹐終於走入家中 , 下跪在母親前面。
Curtain rises, ( Music plays "Country Road, Take me Home") Mulan walks slowly towards her house. At the other end of the stage, her mother is busy sewing clothes. Mulan walks slowly towards her house, deep in thought. Finally, she enters the house and kneels in front of her mother.

Mulan: Mother, your daughter has finally returned.

母親﹕木 ------ 木 ------ 木蘭﹐是你 真的是你﹖ 你是木蘭﹖
Mother: Mu…Mu…Mulan! Is it really you? Is it really really you? Is it my Mulan﹖

木蘭﹕媽﹐是我 , 我回來了﹗
Mulan: Mother! It is me! I have come back!

Mother: Father! Daddy! Mulan has come back! Come quickly!

父親﹕ ( 拄著拐杖出來 ) ﹐木蘭﹐真的是你﹖ 你可回來了﹗
Father: (walks out with a cane) Mulan! Is it really you? Wow - You are finally back!

木蘭﹕父親﹐母親﹐你們的女兒回來了﹐安安全全的回來了﹐ ( 拿出寶劍 ) 這是皇上賜的寶劍和褒獎令﹐我立了許多功勞﹐皇上說他日另有大賞﹐這支寶劍先送給您。
Mulan: Father, mother, your daughter has returned! Safe and sound, she has returned. (She takes out the sword). This is the sword and the commendation the emperor has bestowed upon me. The emperor has granted other rewards in the future. This is my first gift to you!

父親﹕回來就好﹐ 回來就好 ( 老淚縱橫﹐ 用手拭淚 )
Father: Your safe return is good enough. Your return is all we care! (tears fall from his face and he wipes them away)

母親﹕木蘭﹐ 讓媽好好看看你﹐ 你長高了﹐ 變壯了﹐手腳都在﹐ 太好了﹐ 太好了 !!
Mother: Mulan, let your mother have a good look at you. You have grown taller! And you have grown stronger, bulked up a bit. Your hands and feet are still intact, thank God! Oh this is wonderful!

父親﹕感謝老天爺﹐ 感謝老天爺 !!!
Father: Thanks Heaven!!! Thanks heaven!

母親﹕木蘭﹐真是把你給等回來了﹐ 還好我和你爹﹐ 在有生之年﹐ 還看得到你
Mother: Mulan, we have waited so long for your return. Your father and I are so glad that, within our lifetime, we had a chance to see you once more.

Father: Over the years, we have heard a lot about General Hua’s great achievements. You are now a very popular household hero.

( 李亮進來﹐大家未察覺 )
(Liang comes in, nobody notices)

母親﹕只是十多年來﹐你是怎麼隱藏你是女兒身呢﹖ 難道沒有人看得出來嗎﹖
Mother: Yet, in these ten years or so, how have you been able to hide the fact that you were a woman? Didn’t anyone ever notice?

Mulan: No, I was very careful. No one knew I was a woman.

李亮﹕ ( 寶劍掉到地上﹐發出噹噹大響 ) 你 ------ 你是女兒身﹖
Liang: (sword falls to the ground, it makes a large clanging noise) You ------ you are a woman?

木蘭﹕ ( 回頭一看﹐大吃一驚 ) 李兄﹐你怎麼來了﹖
Mulan: (looks back, mouth wide open in surprise) Brother Li! How did you get here?

李亮﹕我﹐我﹐我特來登門拜訪。 花兄﹐你說你是女兒身﹖ 我是不是聽錯了﹖ 你不是花木平
Liang: I… I…I was just coming to visit. Mu Ping, did you say you are a woman? Did I hear you wrong? Are you not Hua Mu Ping?

Father: Ah, is this is the honorable General Li?

Li Liang: It is Li Liang at your service.

父親﹕我常聽到不少您的偉大攻業﹐您真是了不起的英雄﹗ 我的女兒花木蘭不叫花木平﹐她是替我去從軍的。
Father: I have heard much about your grand achievement on this campaign. You really are a great hero to us! My daughter is really Mu Lan. Mu Ping is not her real name. She joined the army for me, to save her aging father from the grueling military duty..

母親﹕ ( 跪在李將軍前面 ) 李將軍﹐請饒了木蘭吧﹐她不是存心欺騙你們大家﹐她是一片孝心﹐怕她父親年老體弱﹐所以不顧我們的反對﹐就從軍去了。
Mother: (kneeling in front of General Lee) General Li, please spare Mulan. She did not intentionally try to deceive you all. She was acting from her heart, she was afraid for her old father’s life. Despite our objections, she went to join the army.

李亮﹕大娘﹐您快起來﹐我 .... 我 .... 我太高興了﹐這真是天大的好消息﹗ 我做夢也沒想到我所仰慕的花大將軍﹐原來是個女兒身。
Li Liang: Dar-Liang, please get up. I .... I .... I'm so happy, this is really excellent news! I never could have thought that the General Hua who I admire so much would actually be a woman!

Mulan: Brother Li, you…you are happy about this?

李亮﹕我當然高興﹐這下子你我不但是同袍兄弟﹐現在還可當紅粉知己。 這天下有這麼好的事情嗎﹖ 我李亮真是三生有幸了。
Liang: Sure, of course I am happy! I’m elated! From now on, we are not only colleagues and comrades, but we can also be boy friend and girl friend! I could not imagine anything better than this! How lucky I am.

Mother: I’m going to go prepare dinner. General Li, you simply must join us!

父親﹕是﹐是﹐木蘭年紀也不小了﹐李將軍﹐你們好好﹐好好聊聊吧﹐我這就下去休息了 ( 兩老下 )
Father: Yes, yes. Mulan is not a little girl any more and needs to think about her future. . General Li, please make yourself at home. You two must… must have a good talk, a good reunion. I need some rest and we’ll see you at dinner. (The two parents leave)

Liang: Mu Ping , ah…no…I mean, Pu Lan. Would you like to go out for a walk?

Mulan: Yes, Brother , let’s go for a walk!

( 兩人相信偕而下﹐音樂 ' ' 冬季戀歌 ' ' 響起 )
“Winter Sonata” plays.

幕下 Curtain falls.
第七幕 (結語)
Scene 7 (ending)
Ah Fu, Ah Xiang 搖搖晃晃上台

Fu: Oh, oh, it’s so so touching… the love between Mulan and her parents and Mulan and General Li make me cry

Xiang: Yes, that is very touching indeed.

Fu: So.. Ah Xiang, what happened to Mulan and General Li?

Xiang: Ah Fu, are you stupid? Of course, they got married and lived happily ever after.

Fu: Oh… Yeh…. I love the ending…

Xiang: Yes, I love it too; let’s give them applause…


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